The crypt of nihilism

In all times, people were searching for the purpose of life.

One is born and lives; then obstacles occur.
First these problems are taken as a necessity or as a part of ones own life, but sometimes one asks:
Why do these things happen just the way they do ?
It does seem not to make any sense.
Is there a solutions to all my problems ?
Who am I , for that I encounter all these situations ?

To handle these problems, most humans define themselves by what they do,
and look for an identity through the experience of love.
Some people are dedicated to their believes;
and others surrender to fate.
Some search for the principles behind all of this through scientific thinking,
others meditate on the occult.

All these ways are necessary, but all of them are incomplete.

Here are three fields of my spiritual disappointments for example:

1.) Religion

Raised as an altar boy {my upbringing, my education} I longed for a salvation from god, unfortunately only to find following inconsistencies:

{first conclusions} , {emotional issues} , {cognitive issues}

2.) Western Spirituality

I searched around in multiple western spiritual paths from the occult, via magic, to the Kabbalah – only to find out in the end that no path did deliver the bliss and success they promised.

What the West does miss out upon are physical meditation-exercises; in order that insights are not merely intellectually known, but holistically understood.
In most Westerners I do see a huge ego which does not allow them to simply sit still and face the unpleasantness of yoga-exercises.

3.) Eastern Spirituality

The Guru-worship led me to become exploited by a bunch of ego-driven teachers who became corrupted by sex, fame and money.

Mere yogamnastik without mysticism and honest introspection does not lead to enlightenment.

What happened was that I fell for spiritual and worldly promises
and made internal appointments of dedication
– only to become severely dis-appointed.

Out of a moral obligation not to let people fall into the same holes
I created this site and following course for you,
because becoming bitter is not the solution.

Here is a way out of spiritual disappointments

photo by Meru Bi

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