The crypt of nihilism

The crypt was opened for you by Dr. Amy Shissler from the USA

In all times, people were searching for the purpose of life.

One is born and lives; then obstacles occur.
First these problems are taken as a necessity or as a part of ones own life, but sometimes one asks:
Why do these things happen just the way they do ?
It does seem not to make any sense.
Is there a solutions to all my problems ?
Who am I , for that I encounter all these situations ?

To handle this problems, most humans define themselves by what they do,
and look for an identity through the experience of love.
Some people are dedicated to their believes;
and others surrender to fate.
Some search for the principles behind all of this through scientific thinking,
others meditate on the occult.

All these ways are necessary, but all of them are incomplete.

Like all of us humans, also all teachings, religions and philosophies have their skeletons in their closet. As you will evolve you will start to see some of those, which than can lead to:

  • tremendous doubts on the way, which can lead to backfire badly on you
    • causing a bitterness and nihilism
      • which in turn can lead to you condemning the path you were on before

To prevent those doubts, I throw you in the deep end here in order to immunise you for your quest at hand.

Here are just three fields of disappointments I personally did encounter,
but you can find them equally at any other path:

Gurus & Yogi Bhajan
{intro}{not Kundalini}{Philip Deslippe}
{YB twisted [hi(s]tory)}{his dark sides}{his biggest mistake}
{my week with YB}{3HO}{longterm damage 3HO causes}

What was really frustrating was that I already had dedicated 25 years to the build up of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and then the Kriya itsself made me realise (2 years before Premka’s book came out) what a terrible person he was, who never did practice his own kriyas of which he did invent most.

Here is the full report of his independent investigation – and bear in mind that they only looked into sexual allegations and did not even attach all the unethical criminal stuff he did in his businesses (some of which I was aware of).

Remembering Jesus words that “you will know them by their fruit” I observed how Yogi Bhajan’s Kriyas did transform people and whilst this definitely serves as a good health-improvement for thousands of gebinners, of the people I have seen accomplishing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for 2.5 hours, I have not seen a single person yielding the glorious effects he claimed it to have.

So this site, which was initially was intended to motivate others into practicing it, now shall serve as a warning of the potential pitfalls which are so deep that they even may last into their next life.

Alone the build up of such an all-inclusive Kriya does yield many benefits – at least to serve as a base for combining it or moving onto other practices later, but
I strongly recommend not to just do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya at liberty, because even if you did manage to do it for two months for 2.5 hours, still tremendous dangers lie ahead in this path.

This site, which I think is the only one solely dedicated to SCK will guide you in a safe way through some abstract potential pitfalls, hardly ever talked about in the current fashionable simplistic wellness-yoga-teachings.

The depresssing part is that literally every subject in life can be seen in such a nihilistic way,
for example:

{The dogma of contributing to society throughdiligence}

or {The dogma of procreation or being pro life}

Basically what is happening is that we attach to concepts or people, making internal appointments. And because reality is not how we did construct it in our mind, we get literally dis-appointed. Here is an external article which describes the process of disillusionment well. As bad as it feels it is a good awakening – the pain is like when ripping of a plaster so that our skin gets in contact with air again

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