The way out

Once you are deep entangled in the web of nihilism, there seems to be nearly no reason to even bother to get out of it, but there is actually a reason to get up, as I did describe in an old song of mine here:

Remember a dream you had whilst you were sleeping.
[Remember the dream as good as you can with all details around it.]
Now reflect upon this dream.
If you appeared in this dream, then look as yourself as the observer of everything.
You call yourself I, and the visually observing organ is called the eye – the same sound.
So the I is the eye of your dream – a channel from you into the dreamworld.

Everything which happens around you in your dream is part of you.
Conversations for example are dialogs within yourself.
Now go one step further and imagine that you would be in a dream right now.
Everything you experience turns out to be merely your mental projections.
Everything !
The buildings around you, the people, nature, these sounds, and even yourself.

Try not to understand intellectually;
perceive current.
Perceive a current which may seem fixed in its place,
still you know that it is moving all the time.
This limited view may be useful to initially deal with the material world, but it does not bring us closer to reality.

Our entire ambience including ourselves can be seen as a materialization or condensed mental projection.
A projection of whom ?
If you are the dreamer, you must be the projector in your wake state too.

But who are you, if this is not reality?
You are a channel to the spirit behind everything,
just like a gate to another world.

You are a gate to another world
and its reflection is your face !

Now the sarkastic cosmic joke is that we can hear intellectually that we are our own world,
but to understand it emotionally takes either many lifetimes or a focussed search.

In order to avoid digging around in the random errors, as most of us do,
I tried to shorten that path by understanding life and myself better through following paths:

  • Like many, I turned to the East and learned Japanese and Vietnamese Buddhism, including its Indian Version Vipassana,
  • and got myself a diploma in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) including Western and Chinese massage, acupuncture and herbs.
  • Having returned from a decade living abroad, I turned to the West again by joining (A.M.O.R.C) – a mystical order which does guide you slowly into spirituality with weekly booklets to read from home. This alone is a path which will last a lifetime and does cover all of spirituality and mysticism.
  • For a short while I tried Servants of the light – a 4-year course in occultism and magic, which delivered in the same manner as A.M.O.R.C..
  • Throughout those years I used my knowledge as a musician to do extensive research into soundhealing and the effect of music on the mind; and still believe that one day soundhealing could partially compliment or even replace the non-holistic form of pharmacy.
  • Apart from many layman’s versions of spirituality I did experiment with;
    since 2.5 decades I do practice Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

As for yoga, I purposely do not mention the fashionable Hatha-gymnastics-yoga, because its primary target is the body and not the mind, but meditation-yoga does guide the cells of the body to support the spiritual focus of the mind.
As an introduction into different kriyas, instead of doing a 3HO-teachers-training for $3500, you can get as many exercises in Rainer Gammenthaler’s “Kundalini-Yoga-Parampara” for only 35€. (None of the links are affiliation links here, btw.)
For the more spiritually inclined, Tantra is one of the oldest such method, which overlaps with original Kundalini Yoga (not to be mistaken with Yogi Bhajan’s version of ‘Kundalini’ Yoga)

The original yoga methods are compiled under a pseudonym Patanjali, as in this book here and there also are other methods, such as Kriya Yoga.
The only problem being that Kriya Yoga does require a dedication to their lineage and learning within their courses, which does have a more severe effect than you may imagine, because it literally unroots you and puts you onto a different track – good to reset your ancestral path, but problematic when you find yourself being caught between two stools, loosing your swadharma and ending up being neither being fish nor foul anymore.
To avoid that dilemma, one can self-study either from, or from books from Satyananda as described here.

You also can follow Vivekananda’s Raja-Yoga teachings to get a good summary of Patanjili’s yoga-techniques.
There are also techniques such as Butha Shuddi or Tattwa Shuddhi of which a book is writen by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Because it is said that certain successes are only possible under the guidance of a Guru, but because most Gurus who came to the West became corrupt, I herewith try to fill that gap for autodidacts, by guiding you through SCK – one sample Yoga-exercise which does incorporate several methods, like Bhakti Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini, etc. – without the need to cling onto any teacher.

You may do this kriya on its own, or supplement your own spiritual practice with it, because no special belief or lifestyles are required to do it.

One word of caution: Whilst Yoga-meditation does seem like the most sophisticated method to evolve – like all spiritual paths, when being scrutinized – the yoga path also does end up revealing doubious teachers and hypocrites:
(Yogi Bhajan’s cultural impositions and injection of Sikhism into Yoga, for example did throw many (including myself) in destructive ancestral turmoils;
and even the root of yoga: Krishna himself, (when you listen to the Mahabaratha), was a real sleaze-bag and manipulator.) As I said in my previous song:

All these ways are necessary, but all of them are incomplete.

And this is how I solved some of my dilemmas with religion:

{from altar boy to abstract god}{common ground}{god 2.0}{OM-I-God}{OMG II}

And this is how I reconstructed myself {a different lineage of SCK} in order to be able to keep doing it despite of the revelations of YB’s flaws.
Yet I have to admit that this is my wishful assumption, not something I have definite proof of. (The teacher-lineage is true, but I have no proof of it being related to SCK.)

Long story short:

All your starting points are valid – this side is not to promote any special and ‘only’ way, but what I can do for you here is to guide you into different aspects of spirituality (the search for your own spiritual self), regardless whether you are an atheist, strong believer of any kind.

Because I did work with it for a quarter of a century I will take Sodarshan Chakra Kriya as a baseline, because SCK is a good example of all paths incorporated, and I will warn you of a few severe dangers Yogi Bhajan (maybe in order to promote this Kriya) failed to mention

Initially, like nearly all spiritual beginners, I did promote it as “the one and only and best way” but matured meanwhile, realising that everyone had to detangle ones own misconceptions from different starting points;
so now you can follow my suggestions whilst being able to continue your own practices and beliefs

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