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Whilst we are still at times in lockdowns, here are a few mainstream movies and series which do turn out to point to spiritual growth self-realisation in alphabetic order:

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows) from 1958 is not only Louis Malle’s first work, but also an amazing french quiet and black and white thriller which should be seen by cool-jazz-fans merely for the melancholic soundtrack from Miles Davis.
This is about the devastation wrong choices can cause.

Blade Runner (1982) movie – watch “the director’s cut” only, because it omits the detective-narrations and also raises a philosophical question about androids at the very end.
Science Fiction ahead of its time with a beautiful ambient soundtrack from Vangelis.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Most visually stunning Vampire movie I have seen, capturing the mystical spirit perfectly, by having been the last movie nearly only to use analogue effects.
Dracula is by the way the perfect description of the ethereal soul called “the Hun” in Chinese.

Hounting of Hill House 10 episode horror-series
I hate dumb screamers and splatter-brutality in horror movies, but this is an esthetically pleasing horror-series with very few screamers (and if so, placed very well and for good reason). It also has a surprising good ‘gotcha’ plot.

Infinity Chamber leaves you with the question whether life-experiences are real or merely a prison of the mind.
so do Christopher Nolan’s very intelligent movies:
Interstellar, which together with
Memento (with some of the Matrix-cast) do illustrate our limited conception of a linear timeline.

The Haunting of Bly Manor 9-episode creepy drama-series
Although made by the same director of Hill House, this one is a triste romance-drama in a beautiful nostalgic setting. The melancholy goes hand in hand with it tackling the world between life and death.

The Matrix (1999) The first part of the action-scifi-trilogy is one of the most ingenious ways to describe the phenomenon as the world as an illusion, which is called Maya in Eastern Philosophy.
The next two parts are unfortunately too forced by being intellectually overloaded, but a fourth part will come out next year.

K-PAX a mystery scifi which questions whether an extraordinary mindset comes from within or without.

La belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) is a very funny french comedy which sums up perfectly the criticism on our society and is very up do date, since we currently are in the process of having to decide whether we want to continue with the old consumerism, which destroys our society.
Since it hardly can be found anywhere to buy with english subtitles, you may probably find it uploaded in the web. If you come across a source to buy it, please share it in the comments

Lola rennt (Run, Lola, Run) is a clever and funny thriller which deals with multiple optional timelines. When Franka Potente did star in it, I instantly could see that this was her breakthrough-movie to Hollywood. It soon came with
The Bourne Identity.
I like that movie best of the entire Bourne-thriller-trilogy, because it deals with the mystery about finding out about oneself. The later ones unfortunately were merely typical Hollywood spinoffs – entertaining action movies, but not capturing the original spirit.

Seven Pounds heartbreaking drama about love, guilt and what uncompromising unconditional sacrifices such emotions can trigger.

Lost a very creative and surprising 118-episode-adventure-fantasy-movie which thrives on constant plot-twists by the means of fashbacks of backstories.

Mr Robot – a 45-episode ‘series-movie’ in different cinematic styles
Warning: This is not family friendly and potentially can triggers people with drug- & suicide issues, but it will be a perfect series to convey self-realisation and root chakra issues
to people who are young (at heart) and have an interest in hacking, crime, thriller, anarchy, and revolution.
The reason I include this series here is because after the action part is concluded, the series comes to a close with two profound self-realisations, and does that in the order the layers of our mind does reveal itself to us – first psychologically and then in a meta-esoteric way.

Whilst the well known Star Trek: the next generation of the entire franchise does convey Roddenberry’s message about ethics best,
Star Trek V: The final frontier is a profound movie about suffering, soul-healing, and the search for god externally and internally.

Scent of a Woman emotional drama about a blind retired Lieutennant who teaches a youngster authenticity and criticises the brown-nosed attitude of the offspring of rich old boys networks. It’s about character.

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis is supernatural drama-thriller with a surprise insight.
Warning: if you don’t know it by now, avoid the internet until you saw it, in order not accidentally read any spoilers.

The OA is the most creative 16-episode-series I have seen
#s: bully, russia, thriller, riddle, blindness, spirituality, miracles, dreamworld

The Queen’s Gambit 7-episode movie-drama about a foster-child-chess-prodigy
Sounds boring? Start watching it, you won’t be able to stop till the end.
It deals with containing the inner wild ingenious energy in order to avoid self-destruction.

Westworld (the 2016 movie-series)
#s: androids, western, self-realisation (Advaita-Vedanta), god, religion, atheism

In case you ask yourself why I don’t put up Amazon-affiliation-links to those movies:
I don’t consider Amazon an ethical firm and don’t want to support it.
If you buy DVDs I’d prefer if you support your local stores, especially in corona-times which is so hard for sellers.

Please add more movies & series you found spiriually inspiring the comments in order to share it with others.

Special announcement:

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