The entrance hall

Photo by Josh Hild

You enter a majestic hall with many different paths for you to take

Straight forward you can walk up the stairs to the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

Themes on the way up are …

  1. Four possible ways to sit:
    • simple sitting
    • easy pose
    • Lotus-seat
    • Siddhasana
  2. Correlations of SCK to religions, such as
    1. Heysychasm
    2. Jesus Prayer
    3. Islamic mysticism
    4. Bhakti
    5. and also ways for atheists to practic SCK
  3. Pranayama
  4. Mudras
    • correlation of the fingers and planets
  5. Nasagra Mudra
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of spiritual gurus
  7. reflexion, contemplation & meditation
  8. the left-right-relationship
  9. the top bottom relationship
  10. 3HO-explanations about time and duration
  11. analysis of the person Yogi Bhajan
  12. Jalandara Bhanda
  13. 2 methods to count without audio-rhytms
  14. pituitary gland
  15. kundalini energy
    1. ancient sources of Kundalini yoga
  16. nose-fokus
  17. siddhis
  18. sesshin
  19. Pinga Ida and Shushumna, channels
  20. 2 longterm plans which last you for 1-3 decades
  21. how to skip 16 years of futile practice and suffering
    1. by avoiding mistakes I made
    2. and by implementing certain techniques early on.
  22. The Tantra-Shashtra-breathing technique

But you also see many doors on the right,such as:

Photo by Rahul on

You see a very wide, slowly ascending corridor with panels on different rooms, stating …

On one side of the wall is written:

What does make Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK) special is that it is a spiritual concentrate which does yield more results than an average meditation of the same length.
That does make it appealing for people with little time
as well as those with strong aspirations.

In opposition to the usually pieces of many different yoga-exercises, this is one single kriya (exercise), which does combine Bhakti with archaic yogic and tantric methods.

Each step comprises of a 3 minute meditation and 20 minutes reading time;
and compile into a 3 month study which is designed to guide spiritual beginners slowly into a daily practice;
or to motivate more advanced students to do 40, 90 or even 120 days in a row.

If practiced condinuously for a long time;
the deconstruction of the ego can clean the Karma drastically,
and therewith lift the veil between the illusionary aspect of reality and your divine self.

You will also be given an individual kabbalistic analysis of your upcoming spiritual cycles and continue to be coached via email for as long as you need it.

You are reading a placard, on which is written:

Comparison between 3HO and the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya School

3HOThe Sodarshan Chakra Kriya School
Does promote a mixture of Sikhism and YogaDoes move beyond orthodox religions to find the inner divine
Demands the unconditional belief in Yogi Bhajan (culmilating in a worship of his photo).Considers Y.B. to have been a skilled, but authoritative and ethically flawed postman.
Is taught in the traditional style of ever continuing Yoga classes.Is taught in one compact online-course .
+ provides continued motivation+ gives all information at once
+ Creates a community
– binds students to teachers.
Sends practitioners on their own path:
-lonely but +independent.
promotes many different yoga Kriyasdoes focus on the mastery of one kriya and the self
– bears the danger of superficial “spiritual channelhopping’– will become tedious without a strong spiritual belief and longing
is mainly focussed on the physical application of exercisesincludes personality-work and addresses emotional and spiritual issues.
Cost throughout years: thousands of $sOnly 25 € monthly
(you can leave anytime)
Should be called:
as invented by Y.B.
Is a form of
ancient tantric
An incomplete list of testimonials can be found here

When doing the course, there is no demand for you to abandon your current spiritual practice. Vice versa: this course should enhance your current approach.

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