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The intellectual pursuit of spirituality is a contradiction, because spirituality comes from within through contemplation and meditation – not by knowledge.
Additionally the thoughts exit through the eyes, having to consume them whilst being in the process of digesting your reflections can in times of exhaustion lead to an internal struggle.
Hence a good bridge in the age of overloaded information, are sources which cater to both sides of the brain – the analytic one as well as the contemplative one.
So here are some audio and video sources which all have to do with spirituality from esoteric to entertaining mainstream materials.

For the eye


A funny persiflage about our society is: “La belle verte“(the green beautiful)“,
Here are Vimeo Versions in french with spanish or english subtitles

Documentaries to stream…

… I made a list of mind opening documentaries, about worldly and new age issues for you.

To watch on TV, your computer or in the cinema

And here is my selection of entertaining mainstream movies and series, all connected to self-development (and I shurely will have missed many).

For the ear

Here is a podcast which deals with a mix of politics, ethics and meditation
(i.e. the entire range we are currently locked in ourselves).

  • The making sense podcast from Sam Harris is a beautiful compilation between meditation and politics conveyed from the host in the most eloquent and differentiated way.
    What does make this podcast special is that this is one of the rare spiritual sources which come from a position of agnosticism.

Personality work

Totally overlooked by 3HO is the personality work required to compliment the mere physical yoga exercises. Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson) did write an entire book about it in the 12 lessons of Raja Yoga.

Pure spirituality

Those two sources are listed separately, because they serve as material for contemplation:

  • Supreme Yogi is a youtube channel which makes you read a few minutes of wisdoms from yogis in a pleasant way whilst listening to drone sounds.
  • And the by far most advanced source of spirituality for sincere seekers are the readings of a Buddhist nun Samaneri Jayasaya. You can either directly subscribe to her Youtube-channel or select from her many free sources either in podcast form or direct downloads.

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