The sanctuary of solace

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Because meditation opens one up to the intertwined between the self and the world, especially spiritually inclined people are quite vulnerable.

In theory a spiritual course could simply neglect such emotional ‘distractive deviations’ , but in reality the less we deal with them, the more they keep lingering deep down until at one stage they pop up again. This is why sometimes even the most successful suddenly fall.

Here are some comforting articles I wrote over the last years.

{compassion}{the spiral into depression}{imposition, violation, rape}{violations of insensitive people}
{never ending suffering}{tragedy might lead to higher purpose}{how to deal with ‘idiots’}{chances in disabilities}
And here are some articles which keep you inspired to evolve out of your misery
{obession vs persistance}{turn loneliness into a bliss}{the purpose of sacrificing desires}{tuning into the divine daily}

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