The spiritual library

Library-photo by Skitterphoto

Entering the silent library you see several shelves about different topics.
First you dig into several general articles about

{lateral thinking}{7 spiritual laws of success}{complexity vs simplicity}{yoga vs karma}
{excpect no reward}{problems of awakening}{yuppy- vs spiritual yoga}{persistence}
{2012}{fear of death}{‘deathtiny’}{2060}
{dogma to breed}{altruism}{maya = illusion}{how to see beyond maya}
{LOA}{wicked people}{perform miracles?}{loss of faith}
{polyrythms}{re[birth]volution}{self-realisation}v {denial} v
{find your pitfall}

As you get a feeling for the subject you want to approach it practically by

{the fly}{sitting & breathing}
{boredom}{what is meditation?}{ethymology}
{impasse}{meditation games}

The most common form of pure meditation unattached to religion is

{unsung heroes}{buddhist course}{Kung Fu}{advanced stages of meditation}

And whilst you wonder what the general principles of spiritual work are, you can read my series about

keys to understanding of the universe
{0penness}{reflection, contemplation, meditation}{left, up, down, right}
{hidden breathing techniques}
{the right posture}{surrender to the wisdom of the universe}{Vivekananda on enlightenment}
{mythology vs mysticism}

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One Reply to “The spiritual library”

  1. Love for learning and exploring different perspectives is one of the things that keeps us healthy and alive, it gives us inspiration.

    These are all interesting topics you’ve laid out here.

    Liked by 1 person

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