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    1. Actually, dear kindFeelings, what RamaKrishna did describe here is exactly what was most difficult for him to accomplish on his spirtual path.
      The creator of this channel is a really nice person but still in the stages of total devotion, so he wants to propagate that, but at a later stage, it becomes really difficult to shed those conditions, as it was for Ramakrishna.

      Personally I actually am currently on the same milestone of having to shed what my birth-religion Christianity did hammer into my brain (and if you are American than into yours as well).
      I really became frustrated and annoyed with the personified old man on the wall being an authority and watching us on every step.
      Since you blogged a lot about nofap this is actually what did cause a huge dilemma for me:
      On one hand I knew that it is best to keep my Jing (which in Chinese medicine is called the essence, stored in the sperm), and on the other hand I felt like suppressing my sexuality when following the dogmas of the Church not to “sin”, so I had not only internal physical struggles but also moral ones.

      On top of that – since you also have a book from Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini-Yoga,
      the same dilemma occured when having to shed the teacher from the teachings, and I have to admit that I still have some kind of aversion against him having maneuvered us into Sikhism – like from the fire of Christianity into the frying pan of the next religion. So I am now starting to carefully modify the kriya I do in order to move behind the religious concept of deities.

      Here is the story for you, how his teacher kicked him out of his attachment to humanoid concepts of god:

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    2. Dear Jaja, I wanted to ask you how your Brahmacharya is going, because even though I am much older than you I fail often.
      (I think it is due to too energetically hot food).
      How are your honest experiences?
      One thing, though is that slowly I am evolving beyond the maya of the beauty-illusion by seeing more and more of the character of people – so things are slowing down already nicely.

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      1. It has been good, I was able to go without ejaculation for 177 days from January 17 – July 13. When I ejaculation is was not followed by any feelings of shame, anger or guilt. I left with a deeper understanding of myself.

        If you haven’t noticed most of the articles on my website are gone and I only have two. This is because the site was hacked and I had to remove everything and start over.

        It is always good to hear from you, I’m glad that you’re evolving.


        1. Dear Jaja,

          thanks for your honest feedback.
          I had issues with Brahmacharya, because I was torn apart between the moralistic preaching of Swami Sivananda which reminded me of the Christian dogmas;
          and then I also realised that it is better to slowly move out of axes of consciousness, (which may have built up over many generations of reincarnations).
          So my approach now is the same as with any addiction: “if in doubt, cut it out”, but don’t beat myself up over not being able to be perfect – after all – you can’t always be perfect on all levels – even a recipe can’t always use all spices – some parts have to be omitted.

          But now to something which may make you happy:
          I managed to find a way to find some of your old articles again.
          It still is a lot of work to copy and paste them back into your blog, but at least you can restore the most valuable for you.
          Go to https://web.archive.org/web/20210607100327/https://kindfeelings.com/
          (I chose the date which much likely was the last one before you got hacked)
          and you can navigate around in the top date-timeline to find an older or newer version of your site.
          And in there are your old articles as text.

          Alternative (depending on which host you used), you could either look for a backup or ask your hoster.

          I hope this does help you, my friend in spirit,


          And Ps: I think the Brahmacharya Concept of 12 years of “all or nothing” seems a bit too ridgid for me,
          after all, anything in life is a flow and not a concept, so you already gain a lot by reducing a lot – as with sugar or alcohol intake for example.


          1. Thank you for the link, however I have all my articles saved on a hard drive and copyrighted so I’ll just repost them over time.

            “If in doubt cut it out” << I love that, it’s straight to the point.

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