S#0 darshan Chakra Kriya

First a note to you, my beloved reader:

Because I did accumulate this information within a period of seven years,
and restructure everything multiple times for the sake of clarity;
it would not surprise me if some inconsistencies of errors occur within the lessons.

So if you see any mistakes or room for improvement, please let me know about it so that I can gratefully improve all flaws.

However, should you see some accidental or purposely implemented repetitions I do consider them as constructive as the Latin proverb states:

Repetio est mater studiorum
(Repetition is the mother of study)
or practice makes perfect !

Why meditate?

Whilst life is a mystery, it is a result of many factors of which most are based on deep unconscious decisions, which we did make a long time ago.
In fact, they were so deep, that by now we did subscribe to a worldview of “fate”, or a hope of “divine mercy” of an external authority.

On the changes in personality one can observe how someone
* first decides consciously to take consequences (which can shift hundreds of times back and forth),
* then, when the decision is final, out of spite one doesn’t speak about it,
* and finally one decides to do something subconsciously without even reflecting upon it anymore.

On one hand this can be a relief from great burdens,
but when it happens in bitterness, it can also push people into physical or psychological pathologies.
This is the way how characters are formed.

An example would be a pair of siblings with dominant parents:
Under same circumstances one of both may evolve to become a rebel,
and the other one can become melancholic-depressive.
In both cases it is not an issue of what happened,
but how one decided to react to a situation.

Changes in character trades are difficult to be reached consciously,
but there are possibilities to detangle situations or constellations, into which we did manoeuvre ourselves.
The obvious similarities of eastern and western teachings show that there are profound principles which can guide someone out of ones misery.

Looking at an iceberg, one can see the relationship between the consciousness above the water …

… and the much larger invisible part of the subconscious.
So it is clear that the main task does take place in the realm of the subconscious.(Shamanic journeys for example usually lead someone through a dive into the cave of one’s own self.)

Because all ways essentially lead to Rome, there is not only one path to “the only truth”, but as many kinds of meditations, as there are people on this planet.

A common issue nearly everyone initially has, is:
“I can’t meditate more than for a few minutes”

That is normal for literally everybody. The root of impatience is due to lack of the stamina of the mind to concentrate. Even the Dalai Lama admits that this is the most difficult part of meditation for him. I wrote this small article to deal with patience.
That’s why I keep those introductionary exercises to 3-5 minutes only.

Course-Introductory lesson #0

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
Meditation for focus and mental purification

Here is a meditation that makes use of prana to cleanse mental garbage and purify the mind. Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini yoga, this is the highest kriya. This is a very powerful meditation for prosperity. It will give you a new start. It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. It cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature. When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed form the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within.

The tragedy of life is when the subconscious releases garbage into the conscious mind. This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the subconscious mind.

POSITION: Sit with a straight spine (either with legs crossed or sitting on a chair with feet flat on the ground)
Slight Neck-lock (head bent forward slightly)
Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose, or closed if you prefer.

a) Block off the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril and hold the breath.
Mentally chant ‘Wahe Guru” 16 times, while pumping the navel point 3 times with each repetition (once on ”Waa”, once on ”hey”, and once on ”Guru”) for a total of 48 pumps.
b) Unblock the right nostril and use the right index or pinkie finger to block the left nostril. Exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril. Continue, inhaling left nostril, exhaling right.

Now test out what you just read. No need to pump your belly yet:
Just listen to the beats whilst thinking of your belly for now.

(The audios in the course won’t have that beep at the end)

Alternatively you can (and will at a later stage have to) do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK) yourself for 3 minutes by counting on your fingers (as will described in detail later)

TO END: Inhale and hold 5-10 seconds. Exhale. Then stretch and shake the body for about 1 minute to circulate the energy.
TIME: Suggested length for this kriya is 31 or 62 minutes a day. The ideal is to start at 31 minutes, but you can begin with 11 minutes, then build up to 31, then 40, and eventually 62.

  • There is no time, no place, no space, and no condition attached to this meditation.

Each garbage pit has its own time to clear. If you are going to clean your own garbage, you must estimate and clean it as fast as you can, or as slow as you want. You have to decide how much time you have to dean up your garbage pit.

COMMENTS: If you can do this meditation for 62 minutes to start with, then build up to the point where you can do it 2 1/2 hours a day (1/10 of the day), it will give you the following: ”Nao nidhi, athara sidhi,” which are the nine precious virtues and 18 occult powers. In these 27 total virtues of the world lies the entire universe.

When practiced for 2 1/2 hours every day, it will make you a perfect superhuman. It purifies the subconscious and takes care of the human life. It will make you extremely intuitive. It brings together all 27 facets of life and makes a human saintly, successful, and qualified. This meditation also gives one pranic power. This kriya never fails. It can give one inner happiness, and bring one to a state of ecstasy in life.

(as taught by Yogi Bhajan on December 1990)

That instruction is all I worked with since 1994

In case you get stranded on an island you can work with this instruction for the rest of your life.

Your task for today:

  • Get yourself a timer (which you likely have in your computer, smartphone or in form of a real egg-timer.
  • create a meditation-diary either as a notebook or a digital textfile.
    • copy in that the exercise with the turquise background,
      and the date, when exactly you did start to do it.
    • and whenever you have questions about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, write them in your meditation-diary.

All your questions regarding Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (following abbreviated as SCK) will be answered; but only after the first 25 lectures are done, because they build up in a sensical form, and it is likely that much will have been clarified by then.

Timetable for your progress

Initially one does approach a thems with interest and wants a lot of information about it.
In order to avoid the aversion of beginners of too much practice; initially you have an entire months time to float through this website.

Rosicrucians recommend to slowly tune into a subject so that ones entire being can change, and not only your intellect.

At one point it will be necessary to channel, and therewith speed up your evolution. You can compare that to most people who don’t practice anything, and therewith only gain little insights.

Rudolf Steiner said that rythm will substitute power, which is comparable with riding a bike: If riding too slow you will fall of your bike, but if you speed up shortly only you will be exhausted sooner than if you tread regularly in order to stay leveraged.

This is why the rhythm will ever so slowly increase within this course.

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