The Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

In the hallway you see
the large stairs to your self,
which you start
to walk up
by doing
the SCK-Course.

The course is
currently rewritten
from scratch,
and because it starts
you can catch up with it easily.

Whilst you walk up the main stairs from
bottom to top, you will learn everything about SCK
and also train your breath to cope with the kriya.

dayto dolink
96the grey rows are non-essentialafter 3 months practice every second day
95the red rows are payed essential course material24.) the three paths
due to on the 31st of july
93 the archive & the fool
91an unorthodox pedigree of SCK
90from now on practice four times per week
89practiceYogi Bhajan Deslippe
87practiceFocus on belly and nose
85practiceThe Siddhis
83practiceSources in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib
81 & 82
80practicepituitary gland, hypophysis, third eye & horus
76practicecritical questions answered
71practice3 highest kriyas and karma release
69 & 70
68practiceMudras and how to finger count
66practiceabout regularity & external sources
64 &65
63practiceThe Jesus prayer from the 13th century & Omphaloskepsis
61 & 62
60practiceLotus, Kundalini Snake, Hands on knees
58 & 59
57from now on practice three times weekly(easy pose) Sukhasana
53practiceJalandhara Bhanda & Emerald Tablets
51 & 52free readingComparison between 3HO & SCK
50practiceHeysichiasm, Omphaloskepsis & mantras
46 – 49from now on practice twice weekly
45practiceother tips from Yogi Bhajan
42-44free readingsanctuary of solace
41practiceThe divine upright posture
37-40free readingspiritual articles
36practiceThe science behind the Sodarshan Chakra-beats
31-35free readingmedia-library
30 FREE lesson
How to gain momentum
23-29free readingworldly articles
22from now on practice once weekly
Intro for advanced students
9-21free reading4 reasons for doing this course
8FREE lesson
{practice once monthly}
Introductory lesson #0

white rows are free to readKeys to understanding the universe

Just this month, the SCK-course did restart in real-time,
and because it purposely starts very slow ,you can jump on the waggon right now.

The course is affordable for everyone and costs only 1€ per week:
Since the course is in its thirteenth week, the minimum fee is 13 €.
you choose by your payment how long you intend to practice.
Get your desired amount of lessons or answers
> here now <
(the day after you payed you will get a mail with the passwords)

Here are all previous lessons for late-comers to catch up

  1. FREE Introductory S0darshan lesson
  2. FREE how to build up SCK
  3. Explanations for advanced students
  4. The Sodarshan Chakra-beat-audios
  5. The divine upright posture
  6. Informations from Yogi Bhajan
  7. Heysichiasm, Omphaloskepsis & mantras
  8. Jalandhara Bhanda & Emerald Tablets
  9. (easy pose) Sukhasana
  10. The Jesus prayer from the 13th century
  11. Lotus, Kundalini Snake, Hands on knees
  12. about regularity & external sources
  13. mudras and finger-counting
  14. 3 highest kriyas and karma release
  15. Siddhasana
  16. critical questions answered
  17. Ida-Pinga-Shushumna-nadis
  18. pituitary gland, hypophysis, third eye & horus
  19. Sources in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  20. The Siddhis
  21. Focus on belly and nose
On lesson daily is absolutely sufficient
(more just dilutes the specific informations)

Step 2 will come in August

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