The Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

3.) The three paths


By now you have managed to either build up your practice to a daily routine – something which won’t be lost even if you should change to another spiritual discipline.
Your practice routine will stay with you – some of you probably by now even have pulled through 3 months of a daily practice.

To all of you I recommend now to do either start or complete your previous 90 days by going for 120 days of SCK on a daily basis.
Should SCK not be your thing you still can use my method for any other discipline – even including physical exercises of habits –
(in which I did manage to build up SCK to 2,5 hours within 3 years)

Also you now you will learn the dangers on the way, and a third path which will enable you to control the speed of your spiritual progress. From now on this course is not focussed on Sodarshan Chakra Kriya anymore, but a guide for anyone of all disciplines to utilize.

  1. I let you know about the issues I did encounter on the path, and how you can avoid them,
  2. Then I let you know about the conclusions I did draw of my SCK.
  3. And finally I will provide you with a plan in which you can either accelerate or slow down your progress;
    and also check on your ego – yes it is true – I found a method which will show you how big your ego is.

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