To THRIVE & “wake up” is so much more than just to be outraged and woke

1.) If you haven’t seen Thrive 1, (a film about many issues in our society), watch it here:

The movie is also available in many other languages on that channel

2.) Then watch Thrive 2, (the film about solutions) here for free until the 10th of may 2021 only !

3.) And then let’s discuss your opinion on both movies in the comments.

Here is my shift in consciousness since Thrive I

The first Thrive documentary did excite us all, expressing eloquently the multilayered frustrations spiritually inclined people have with society. Many youtubers dished out the phrase “Wake up!“, insinuating that only they would know the truth and everyone who did not subscribe to their version to it would not.
The irony is that because I did evolve since the release a decade ago, I actually did wake up – but a step beyond most people’s level of initial awakening, so here are my thoughts on the second documentary:

The teenager-effect

It seems to me that one of the first steps of spiritual awakening is that of a realization of the flaws of society which gives the initial “wake up” feeling of outrage, but thereafter one evolves further into a more moderate position of compromises.
In other words – the initial exciting state of a spiritual awakening in my eyes is similar to the process a teenager is going through when realizing that the rules and moral world of the parents is limited and partially flawed.

Especially David Icke has that kind of energy – his views sound initially very intelligent, but overall there is a constant undertone of outrage in his down-to-earth-soccer-player-manner.

The reason why such a documentary would come out of the USA is, because the American spirit is per definition that of revolutionary refugees who did rebel against old structures and stubbornly proved to themselves that any (American) dream would be possible. The USA – being one of the youngest nations on earth – itself is still a teenager as you can see not only in the teenager baseball-cap-dresscode, but also its internal fights.

The naivety

It was interesting to observe how vehementyl some stupid youtube-commenters did attack me when pointing out on a free energy video that this was an obvious con – a claim which I had backed up with thoroughly researched facts. People become very aggressively when their dream of a comfortable solution is taken away.

I n the same way I could not buy into the open-hearted-naivety with which Foster and Kimberly Gamble did believe an African free-energy-inventor who not only did string them on for days, but also asked them to pay for batteries his millionaire-friend should have bought long before already. This was the most obvious scam I ever saw and I am absolutely stunned that such intelligent people like Kimberly and Foster who have created two beautiful documentaries and created 2 web-portals would be duped so easily. I have to give them both that they have incredible big hearts, so I can understand them giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, but if you read this post a few months after I wrote this, feel free to correct me in case it turns out that this guy did really invent something real.

The victim consciousness

Most fans of Thrive go on in social network comments how ‘the elite’ (which often is simply summed up with ‘the illuminaty’ would be out there to get them, and the entire 99% of us poorer people would be their victims.

Let’s look the facts in the eye: Greed is a part of all of us and if you were given the invention of free-energy, chances are high that you, yourself would be the first to capitalize it for your own benefit.

What most people complain about is not that ‘them above’ are evil bastards, but that they, themselves are not in their position of power. Only hardly anyone admits their own propensity for greed. This brings me straight to the next point:

Would fee-energy actually benefit humans, animals or the earth?

Think it through, people: If tomorrow the rare exception of a selfless inventor would release plans for a free-energy machine open source, the first thing everyone would to is to use as much of it for their own convenience, such as driving cars, and letting machines too all the work for us. On top of that the exact same capitalists who up to now do control the world, would be the first to grab tons more than anyone wold can in order to produce for example those needed cars, or dig even more holes into the earth in order to rip the steel or other precious metals out of it, or to know down trees.

If you look as the earth as an organisem, do you seriously think this would do the earth any good to be only raped even more? Or if you don’t see the earth as valuable , then think about the animals, such as Whales for example who will be even more pestered by loud ship’s engines. This brings me to a consciousness Christianity did breed for millenia:

The saviour mentality

Instead of doing an honest introspection, the ego of most people cries rather for an external savior to rescue us than to admit that the mess we are in is the result of our decadent lazy monkey mind.

Instead of making this world better, humans dream about moving to mars to simply shake the old mess of. Even more so if we had unlimited free energy.
Do you seriously think that this would help anyone on earth an inch? This only would spread the human virus to the next planet, but the ones here – including you – will have to stay here – on the slum called ‘earth’.

Aliens from outer space are merely a hope for many, because they would serve as a non-religious or scientific version of of saviour Jesus’. Ironically “the second coming” is as little to be taken literal as the earth’s age of 6500 years, but an analogy of ones internal ascension towards ones own divinity.

In case such a species would indeed visit us with the capability for such a technology and they would ask me whether human kind would be worthed to be saved I would have honestly tell them that I don’t think that our species is mature enough to handle a true free energy.

Just look at givaway when people are asked to ‘please only take what the need’. People only will adhere to that plea as long as they are seen by others.

Similar problems in my opinions, btw, also apply to a ressourced-based-economy as proposed in (even though I admire the project and fully support its idea – it just fails to factor in the human immaturity and greed which in my opinion we would need an intermediate alternative currency as a transformative tool).

the Venus Project

Bonus-point: The climate-change- and coronavirus denial

Yes, both issues demand inconvenient consequences from us, but for all the reasons above I see those deniers as people with huge egos who rather defy obvious common sense than to sacrifice any of their inconvenience.
That’s why in my opinion those outraged deniers are selfish people who rather run the world against the wall for the stupid reason to have a bit more fun.
These people are another proof to me that any kind of free energy would be totally wasted on humankind.

Look what humans did since the climate-issues became important half a century ago already: nothing – and now they cry for ‘the quick solution’ of nuclear power to keep going as before without having to sacrifice an inch of their superficial fun-life.

The only problem is that now they not only start to damage our current environment but they also dump nuclear waste into our earth which will radiate for 20.000 years !

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