You don’t have to be positive only because everyone says so

Society really seems to have split nowadays into the grumpy politically disgruntled people and the love&peace-brigade which pushes compassion onto us, because it attracts beauty into our lifes.

I don’t find myself in both extremes, because I am critical of much, but instead of only complaining still think about constructive solutions.

So I am currently in the process of watching a free seminar about emotions and got increasingly grumpy for feeling repeatedly hammered over my head (or heart for that matter) about compassion. Even complaining there seems not political correct to me.

My reason for why my personal anger for example is valuable to me is because it mostly is a byproduct of waking up from naivety, like when I realise that people did (ab)use me, or when beliefs were pushed onto me only to ensure the survival of their own versions of the truth.

Fortunately among many speeches I found one from Tsoknyi Rinpoche, which I really liked:
Because the offer is limited this speech could be been taken down when you read this, so I sum up its content:

It is simply about watching our “beautiful monsters”:

  • no cheating and fooling ourselves how compassionate we are to ourselves,
  • just admitting that “I am in the shit”, but be willing to suffer along,
  • whether it is anger, depression, a feeling of insignificance etc.
  • and to stay forever – not even to try to change anything.

Four manipulations which will not help are in his opinion:

  1. To suppress the issue,
  2. to indulge it,
  3. to run away from it,
  4. and to admit that something is not ok, but trying to fix it.

And very slowly the ego which is attached to those monsters will slowly come around voluntarily to enjoy life more again.

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