3HO vs the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

A comparison between 3HO and the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

3HO – yogaThe Sodarshan Chakra Kriya School
Should be called:
as invented by Y.B.
Provides a form of
ancient tantric
Does promote a mixture of Sikhism and YogaDoes move beyond orthodox religions to find the inner divine
Demands the unconditional belief in Yogi Bhajan (culmilating in a worship of his photo).Considers Y.B. to have been a skilled, but authoritative and ethically flawed postman of yogic wisdom.
Is taught in the traditional style of ever continuing Yoga classes.Is taught in one compact online-course .
+ provides continued motivation+ gives all information at once
+ Creates a community
– binds students to teachers.
Sends practitioners on their own path:
-lonely but +independent.
promotes many different yoga Kriyasdoes focus on the mastery of one kriya and the self
– bears the danger of superficial “spiritual kriya-channel-hopping’– will become tedious without a strong spiritual belief and longing
is mainly focused on the physical application of exercisesincludes personality-work and addresses emotional and spiritual issues.
– A teachers training costs $3500+ Teachers training for this kriya is included (as the foundation-course).
– Cost throughout years: thousands of $s+ You only pay a nominal fee of 1€ per week.
Later questions have to be payed for with additional class-visits. Includes a dozen modules with altogether 78 possibilities for personal contact via mail or video-chat.
Additionally this course will deal with individual life-issues. Especially people with problems are very dear to me, because they are much more receptive for fundamental changes than successful ones are. { “The last one will be the first” }

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