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Does one have to meditate ?

No because everyone is original spirit.
And yes, because no one does really understand it.

That’s why I sum up 37 years of my spiritual experiences by the means of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
(to which I did dedicate 28 years to)

  • without any demand to continue on this path after this course,
  • with own research instead of the copies circling around everywhere,
  • with a plan which could last you between 3 and 28 years,
  • and foremost with warnings about mistake which do happen to many spiritual searchers.

Course overview and prices:

You get all informations in three steps

In the first month you get all informations about the meditation called Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

You slowly grow into this meditation by doing 3 minutes first monthly, then weekly and then daily.

Ich bevor Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
included CD ^ songs b4 y2k

In the next 2 months you get the change to experience the full impact of this kriya (exercise),

get warned about false Guru-Worship,

and get all tools you need

included CD ^ SCK beats

Each step contains a consultation and 1 CD to download.

And in the fourth month you get a longterm plan on

* how to slow down
to prevent damages,

* but also how to speed up, by getting out of your comfort zone to evolve into the mystic world.

plus CD ^ songs after y2k

Here is a preview into the course …

… and here are some nice testimonials.

Due to many bad experiences I will shut down this site by the end of this year,
but because I want to give everyone the chance to get it, in those last months I sell it for $1€ weekly only. Pay here and then write me where you are at so that I can pick you up from there.

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