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Photo of the till by Tima Miroshnichenko

When walking along the Danube for 4 months I realized that information and wonders have to be earned to be appreciated:

Straight on the first day of my hike I saw three of the most impressive things:

  • the largest tree-cutting-machines in the black forest I had ever seen,
  • a restaurant owner with the longest moustache I had ever seen
  • and the very spring of the huge river Danube

Would I have seen that at the very end of my tedious walk I would have surely appreciated those sites more.

Since the rise of digital technology and the internet this phenomenon has escalated:

  • Whilst in the past people walked for miles to hear one concert,
  • they later did cherish a single music track on their gramophone,
  • but shortly after it had to be a dozen of tracks of a long playing record,
    • then two records on a CD or Cassette
  • and nowadays people exchange thousands of downloaded tracks to never even listen to them anymore.

Nowadays the most sacred information are available by just having moved a finger, so it is imperative to bring back a value to the teachings by charging at least a nominal fee.

You have 3 packages to choose from:


Whether you are a beginner or advanced: Here you get all informations about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and how to proceed.

includes all audio-beats

Since this part is currently rewritten you can jump on the realtime-course by just paying 1€ per week !

Master your life

This is a continuation of the previous course and ‘walk through’ many difficulties in life for everyone regardless of your spiritual practice and beliefs. I only convey what worked for myself. This is less of a course than a compilation of experiences in combination with many questions you may ask.

It includes half of the answer cards, ——>
my music double album, and 50 ringtones.

<— We are in the ninth week now, so only this week you have the chance to get in for just 9 €.


For sincere spiritual practitioners those are the advanced steps until you master your spiritual path – set on the example of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Overall there are 78 answer-cards you can collect

The 3 Courses

This course is not only for practitioners of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, but it uses that spiritual exercise to explain dozens of abstract facets to deal with when walking your path.

I do recommend anyone to at least take the basic course and then move on to your own practice;
and if you have life-issues you are well cared for when continuing the next steps.

Instead of tackling your issues symptomatically your progress will come easier and last longer if you first tune yourself to your spiritual highest potential first, which will dissolve your deep rooted emotional blockages and therewith make it much easier for you to progress.

  • The first block will focus solely on your spiritual growth and is all about information,
  • but the next two are personally catered psychological help, motivation and guidance.
  • This will be a longterm game where you can collect 78 tarot cards on the way – each giving you the right for one mail-question and an elaborate answer:

Because this is a plan to build up your entire life, ideally the courses should be taken as a life-companion – one module after the other.

This long term walkthrough is a result of my experience with which I did turn around my life from a position near (physical and social) death to one of a purposeful (and therewith happy) life again.

A friendly warning for people who expect the typical health-beauty-love-peace program: Whilst most esoteric courses are repetitions of the same information, I mostly convey personal insights which did come to me the hard way by facing the facts of life, regardless how unpleasant they are.

Whilst most people can agree with me pointing out inconsistencies in concepts of society, only few can stomach me pointing out the same in their own thinking. But as much as I point the fingers at others, I foremost point out my own flaws to at least give them the purpose of serving as warnings for you.

Many run away from my initial criticism; but the few who managed to stay, saw that it always comes from an underlying loving desire to prevent others running against walls of misconceptions.


The Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

  • Can help you to shorten your progress by avoiding 2 decades (yes 20 horribe years) of mistakes I made on my path,
  • and to avoid the tremendous damages Sodarshan Chakra did cause me,
  • and therewith can save you from potentially severe depressions on the way.
  • The course puts all those informations in a clear order,
  • explanes of each aspect of SCK
  • includes 109 audios to practice,
  • and as rewards on the way: 33 music-tracks
  • and a slow but safe 28 year- background-plan
    – not only without interfering in your worldly life, but even furthering it.
  • includes a fast 6-year plan to overcome the point at which you are stuck,
  • and methods which amplify SCK or are missing in YB’s instructions,
Since this course is currently rewritten, you have the one time option to choose how many weeks to practice.
We are 11 weeks in, so the minimal fee is 11 € to catch up with us.
The Sodarshan course and teacher training
contains nearly all informations about SCK,
all articles of this blog,
and tunes one slowly into a regular practice (again).
Contains 1 answer-card

The sesshin
second part of building one up into a daily practice,
contains a trial sesshin to rise fast to your maximum,
and contains all 872 Sodarshan audio tracks,
and two answers (either as mail or Jami videochat session)
1 & 2:

The three paths (recommended)
Includes 3 ways to continue with your longterm SCK practice
and 9 answers (either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)
This third step will not only save you 16 years of my own malpractice, but also give you a guide for the rest of your life to work with.
all 3 steps:

Master your life

From this part the Sodarshan course will become universal, because you won’t have to do SCK (Sodarshan Chakra Kriya) anymore and can utilize this system for any discipline of your liking.

Weightproblems, procrastination, self-motivation
will be the focus of this Sodarshan Step which will
include the first CD from this sites sound-tracks
and 9 more answers (either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

Hidden dark sides
will include the second CD from this sites sound-tracks
and 9 more answers (either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

The advanced obligation
will include 50 ringtones from this sites sound-tracks
and 9 more answers (either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

The border to ascension
will include 9 more answers (either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)


Master the kriya = master your self

… will build you up to a daily practice of 2.5 hours, but most important
… will save you from the karma-downfall of hubris, which I have seen in some, as soon as spectacular light-visions arose.

And the last point is the reason why I do require even advanced practitioners to walk through all previous steps.

The entire course, with sincere application could be accomplished within 4 years, but due to our residual attachments and involvments in worldly issues, is likely to take 3 decades.

choose your topic
will include the next steps to do, and 9 more answers
(either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

choose your topic
will include the next steps to do, and 9 more answers
(either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

choose your topic
will include the next steps to do, and 9 more answers
(either as mail or Jami video chat sessions)

The ultimate accomplishment of SCK
will talk about modifications of this kriya and paths how to continue after having accomplished it.


You get the English plus the German Version of this course for 1.5 times the fees.

Because this course is especially suitable for people with asperga or autism, if you have a such a child or have it yourself I am willing to also teach in person.

Pay for what you want here

  • Mail me
    • to let me know about your Sodarshan-experience,
    • if you donated already
    • or prefer another payment option

Purchases without courses

If you don’t want to do any course you can purchase those downloads separately.

Audios (please note that all of them are included in the SCK-course!)

Ich bevor Sodarshan Chakra Kriyaall the 33 sound-tracks heard on this website
(hardcover double-CDs are not available anymore)
download 1: CD1 wavs, mp3s
download 2: CD2 wavs, mp3s
download 3: CD-covers and 50 ringtones

SodarshanChakra Kriya beats
(no music)
a mix of heart-beats, tribal drums and metal sounds to facilitate the transformation of the corporeal soul (Po) to the ethereal soul (Hun) into the heart, whilst helping you count the 16 “waheguru”s.
109 separate beats gradually slowing down with an alarm after 3,11,31 and 62 minutes in 4 versions as mp3s and wavs in order to make train yourself up from an erratic breath up to a one-minute yogic breath.
(will be included in the sesshin below)


For full access of all informations, any page you see on this site can be translated
from German to English or vice versa.

Donations and payments…

… can be made either through paypal, or any other way you desire. Any previous donations or payments of yours will be deducted from the fees. Just mail me in the form below.

If you know what you want: Pay for what you want here

Else tell me where you are at, and we will find the right solution for you below:

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