Spiritual inspiration Sunday 114

39 Replies to “Spiritual inspiration Sunday 114”

  1. Dear Thilo,

    It is heartening to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely reply that you have sent me half an hour ago after I alerted you about the video being unavailable.

    I would like to invite you over to experience a meditative journey of creative visualization and mind-body intervention, available to you at my newest post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි

    🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆*ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝*ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Thank you for your comment, which, as always, is heart-warming, Soundeagle.

      Even though I was in the midst of watching something I raced over and looked at your post,
      and have to say that you are literally doing a world-healing by providing a sanctuary in our troubled times!
      I was especially amazed about your 3D-bird-picture and love the other ones too.

      You are an angel!

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      1. Dear Thilo,

        As usual, you are very welcome. Thank you for your preliminary comment.

        After you have finished “watching something”, please kindly come over to my said post to submit a comment distilling your assessment and experience of “🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි ” in greater detail with respect to how this “sanctuary” has resonated with your (embodied, corporeal and/or transcendental) being, symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically and spiritually.

        Yours sincerely,

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        1. you really are a Jack of all trades, Soundeagle !
          I will come over in a few hours, because after my documentary about the flaws of our financial system, I have to sleep here in Germany.
          Til tomorrow in my time – or still today for you!

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          1. Dear Thilo,

            May you find tranquillity and be adequately rejuvenated through your beauty sleep in the world of slumberland, where dreams and the unconscious permeate your being and becoming during the nocturnal hours. . . . .

            Yours sincerely,

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      2. Dear Thilo,

        Thank you for your replies and feedback. I would be delighted if you could leave a token of your visit at my said post in the form of a comment there, as I always appreciate your thoughtful insights, knowledge and wisdom.

        If you lack time to compose a comment there today or this week, then perhaps you could simply submit a brief comment there by copying and pasting what you have so far stated about my said post.

        I hope that you have had a lovely day.

        Yours sincerely,


        1. Dear Soundeagle, I apologize, because I did promise you to comment on your site today, but did not get around it throughout the entire day. I still have to finish a difficult article for my course, but afterwards look forward to go over to the first or both of your articles you did recommend.
          If this won’t happen today – don’t despair – I will get back to you definitely – I have some inbuilt feeling of guilt if I don’t keep my promises.

          I think you have the same problem as me – we both are firehorses so when others don’t react for a day it is like a week for us, and if they don’t respond within half a week it is for us as if a month has passed.
          Take me to practice your patience (believe me, I know how difficult it is ;-)


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            1. Yes, we are funny people – maybe we evolve faster than others – who knows. And you would not believe it – right now I am sitting here with headphones on, listening to your first version of “Where the eagles fly” in order to compare it to your secone one and meanwhile read your article. I will leave a comment there in a few minutes (which for you will be days ;-) >


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            1. Yes, I think this is problably a kind of enlightenment to realise ones uniqueness and therewith value for the world whilst being a humble part of the whole. >


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                  1. You actually have to visit https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2021/11/08/soundeagle-guided-imagery/ and scroll down to the comment section to see my reply to your comment. This is true of all comments (whether past, present or future ones) from me, because the WordPress Reader and other means of notification may not be able to reproduce the bespoke, animated format characterizing my comments and my posts and pages.

                    I look forward to your reply to my said comment about the two fire horses symbolizing us.


                1. I know, it is dangerous to make silly jokes (especially in the net when people don’t see you smiling)
                  I am in the midst of a wordpress-support session but will head over to your site straight afterwards.
                  (At the moment it is like: One comment to you, one to the support person…)

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                    1. Actually, dear Soundeagle, I just checked both articles and found out that I did reply to both already (before you even were born ;-)

                      And whilst I am at it – right now I talk to the wordpress support about those comments here.
                      Do you also have the issue not to see the submit buttons – and only see them once you did click outside the comment and then into it again?

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                    2. Dear Thilo,

                      Please check more carefully. Let me explain as follows:

                      In https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2021/06/03/one-day-well-fly-away/ you only responded to my first reply. My second reply is awaiting your response. This second reply begin with “Your next post could indeed be an exposé on the “coexistence of pants👖 and insects🦟”!”

                      In https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/10/10/if-my-name-were-moon-tonight-with-clair-de-lune/ my comment that begins with
                      “SoundEagle🦅 is touched by your perceptive understanding, and would like to inform you that the five-stanza rhyming poem…” is still awaiting your reply.

                      Yours sincerely,


                    3. Dear Thilo,

                      Let me put it more clearly. Yes, you have indeed submitted some comments to the said two posts, but not all of your comments are replies to me. Some are replies to other commenters. All I am saying is that you have not yet replied to the two aforementioned specific comments from me. One starts with “Your next post could indeed be an exposé on the “coexistence of pants👖 and insects🦟”!” in https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2021/06/03/one-day-well-fly-away/ , and the other starts with “SoundEagle🦅 is touched by your perceptive understanding, and would like to inform you that the five-stanza rhyming poem…” in https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/10/10/if-my-name-were-moon-tonight-with-clair-de-lune/

                      The matter is as simple and clear as what I have just explained.


    2. I have to reply at the top again, because we already used up too many levels downwards.

      Thanks, soundeagle, for clarifying my issue with the buttons.

      You do remind me of myself, somehow. We both are so emotional that we ask others to respond as thoroughly as we do – you even more than myself.

      And then, when they are busy, they suddenly snap in a state of impatience, and tell me that they have no time.
      Maybe this is a German issue and I am frustrated how cold people here are.
      Anyway, maybe it was good that we got to know each other so that I can give you a feedback on our extensive need for communication -something I guess hardly anyone will tell you.

      I stil am in this chat, but once I am finished I will get over to your articles again and respond to your responses.

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      1. Dear Thilo,

        Thank you for your clarification. I hope that you have not mistaken my previous explanations as signs of my being impatient with you and demanding quick responses. After all, those two said comments of mine to which you have not yet responded were submitted in mid-August, well over three months ago.

        Yes, some people can be very cold. But not your companion Fire Horse, who is always warm, and always warming to you.

        And if you are too warm, I shall send you more Snowflakes creatively as follows:


        Yours sincerely,

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        1. Ah, I know now what my problem is:

          Usually your posts are too long for someone like me, who does not even like to read in general,
          but you said that you prefer writing long posts.
          And then the many graphics are demanding on the processor so now that I had a few of them open, my browser hardly did scroll down to the comments anymore,
          and on top of that the problem with the love&peace-vibe in general is that no one wants to break the chain of love, so everyone keeps replying again and again, which is the reason why I did stop twice.

          And that has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of your posts – it is merely a matter of being dragged away from ones own focus.
          I am not joking: At least 3 times or more my plan to work on something were delayed by a day due to me spending so much time on your articles and comments.

          This is my catch-22-situation: On one hand I truly understand your artistic soul and its need for harmony wih others, and on the oher hand I am struggling to find my own focus.

          I hope you understand my dilemma, but I feel like I have to let you know the issue, because over the last years I had to learn the very hard way by people simply staying away from me – and I did not know why.
          So I want to accelerate your insight into this matter.

          with <3

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          1. Dear Thilo,

            You might have to get far more powerful processors, as I have no such issues even if there are dozens of tabs opened and containing graphics and animations.

            Sending some Snowflakes to comfort you:

            Yours sincerely,

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                1. thanks, and I decided to switch to Linux because it is better on ressources.
                  It just is a bit of learning curve for someone who is new to it like me.

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                  1. Switching to Linux may not be the best or wise solution. Do check out the Pros and Cons of different operating systems and their software. After all, you may simply end up trading one set of problems with another.


                    1. Dear Thilo,

                      There are a great number of open-source software and applications available on the PC platform.

                      Choose a desktop computer (for it is cheaper and yet more extensible and durable, all things being equal) rather than a laptop computer or a tablet, unless portability is essential.

                      A desktop computer also allows you to have a much larger screen, and tends to last longer as its components do not have to be subject to miniaturization.

                      Here are a few sources to help you:




                    2. Dear Thilo,

                      Here are two more, plus a really good excerpt:



                      UJ, Logical Thinker & Xtreme Musicophile
                      Answered June 12, 2016

                      I find Desktop computers the best as an overall option, but if portability is a big need of yours, then laptops are the best option.

                      The reasons I prefer Desktop PCs over Laptops are;

                      Cost (Desktop PCs are cheap)

                      PC : There is a wide variety of components available for PCs, allowing a wide range of products from cheap to expensive. An assembled PC is quite a cheap deal and still can be much pretty powerful system.
                      Laptop : The components are more expensive, because they’re smaller, and expensive engineering is required to make them fit inside your laptop. One pays for more components because when purchasing a Laptop — one is also purchasing a screen, keyboard, and trackpad. Which are more expensive then simply buying them separately as in an Assembled PC.
                      Eg. Dell XPS 8500 (third-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD & AMD Radeon 7570 GPU) costs $799 on Dell’s website. While, a similarly-equipped Dell Inspiron 14z laptop costs $999.

                      Processors (PCs are more powerful)

                      PC : Desktop processors, are big and can to utilize an endless supply of energy. They can be surrounded with efficient and big fans or even a liquid cooling system to keep their temperatures down. Which makes them more powerful. Overclocking I’d quite easier in PC which makes it to run at even higher speeds.
                      Laptop : Laptop processors are smaller and are designed to use less energy and produce less heat. Laptops usually run on battery life so their processors are designed to conserve battery life. Moreover, laptop processors are fitted into a tight, closed chassis, and surrounded by only small fans thats why they are prone to overheating. Gaming laptops can have an equal performance as that of PC’s, but have a much higher price.

                      Desktops have space for a lot of Peripherals

                      PC : They usually have a minimum of 4 USB 2.0 ports, and most have many more like USB 3.0 ports etc. They also can have tons of other connectivity options eSATA, VGA, DVI, HDMI, and multiple audio lines.
                      Laptop : They have a couple of USB 2.0 ports, though newer ones might have USB 3.0 port here and there. And only single or two audio lines.

                      Gaming (PCs are more Superb)

                      PC : They are capable of using high-powered Graphic Cards that have higher power requirements. Due to the space in a the case better heat reduction/dissipation is possible and powerful Power Supplies capable of using Power more than a thousand of Watt, Desktop can support any graphic card, including two or more video cards at the same time.

                      Laptop : Expensive laptops provide better than average graphics for gaming and CAD-based applications but the heat reduction/dissipation is limited due to the free space in the laptop case. Being usually Battery based Power is also limited which doesn’t provide for graphic cards those higher amounts of wattage to run.

                      Repair (Cheap and easy on PCs)

                      PC : Repairing a desktop is much easier since most of the hardware can be easily and cheaply purchased from any local computer retail store or online. And even if you are not an expert still you can place it inside the PC easily without the help of a professional.

                      Laptop : Opening a laptop to repair a part can be difficult and finding a replacement part often is hard which at last require you to call the computer manufacturer for repairing. Which is quite expensive then doing the repair yourself.

                      PCs are long lasting

                      Not being portable at all is a good thing when it comes to security and durability. No one’s stealing your PC, you won’t loose it anywhere (worst case scenario).


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