Spiritual reason for our current Corona-madness

^spike-pic^ by Sven dalby

The problem with the current global Corona-madness (at least of the Western world)
is that it turns out that the ‘knowing’ of science is merely a belief, because no one has seen our macro- and microcosm with their own eyes, and we trust in machines.

The mere logic of the pandemic and its measures made science overwrite religion and magic.
Even in religious gatherings, mask-wearing, social distancing and vaccinations are mandatory.
This sets a sign that the cliche-spirituality does not work anymore, meaning that
* you neither can’t simply trust to be ‘protected by the lord’,
* nor your own magic,
* nor do positive affirmations and beliefs, such as the law of attraction work anymore.
Vice a versa – the more people scream around about this issue,
the more they bolt our current deadlock into the ground.

On the other hand, there is suddenly a turnaround from non-spiritual people,
trying to pick out the raisins of the science they subscribed to all their life,
when utilizing technical advancements for their own conveniences. 
Suddenly they revert to a magical thinking up to the exend that some of them reverting to the medieval concept of the flat earth again
(which ironically does imply a larger force of scientific gravity below their construct).
Just as in old religions which did thrive on converting others to their believes,
the corona- and global warming deniers now scream the loudest
in the hope of ensuring their convenient lifestyle and enlarging their own community.

The spiritual aspect seems for me to be the change of Saturn from the ‘hard working dogma’ of Saggitarius to the ‘esoteric of introspection’ of Aquarius (which did start exactly when Corona arouse).
This forces us to let go of old illusionary beliefs of materialistic or mythological thinking into finding the divine or the Absolute within us
– into a non-dualism beyond good & evil, left & right, right & wrong;
something most self-centered egos do struggle tremendously with to surrender to.

Here is my spiritual science fiction
I wrote at the very beginning of this corona-pandemic

On a very high level this entire discussion does not matter, because according to ancient Indian Scriptures our entire world is an illusion they call Maya anyway.
We should, however, sill distinguish clear between what are our beliefs and what we know,
because else we loose all common ground.

Beliefs are not only those in an external saviour god,
but also the blaming of others like the not graspable concept of ‘them above’
(which only is an outsourcing of ones’ own responsibility).

My main reason for criticizing the current outrage is not about the resistance against the agendas of politicians who were indeed corrupted by the ‘Pharmafia‘, as I call them,

Why are you upset now ,
but did not care all your life,
when countries were bombed and nature was killed?”

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