Mythology vs Mysticism

Since there are many discussions about different approaches to the divine, instead of engaging into the never-ending disputes about details, I would like to propose an experiment to you:

Whenever you feel patient listen for half an hour to those proverbs of Jesus:

if this video is offline, just search for “only Jesus words” on youtube

This was the orthodox way of engaging in literal bible-phrases believing that they do come from the sun of god. Now stop this first video from playing.

Another time, when you have patience again, listen to those words from Jesus
{skip the ad on the beginning – this is due to youtube forcing it onto anyone who uses public music}

If you don’ see this video here, search for “Samaneri Jajasara teachings of Jesus”

This is the mystical way of listening to spiritual masters of any religion in order to find the divine in it within yourself.

The difference is that in the first case you cling onto scripts in order to assimilate them intellectually,
and in the second way you contemplate upon the divine in order to open yourself to be a channel for the wisdom of the universe to flow through yourself.

Feel free to share your experiences about this experiment in the comments.

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