A German tribute to the death of the queen

Queen Elisabeth the second did remind me of my dependable grandmother.
7 Years after the world war two, Queen Elisabeth had started to mend European and global wounds by lovingly embracing all nations again.
Us normal people usually only see the glamour, luxury and endless fulfillment of their needs, but now that she died and I reflect upon her life and see the sacrifice royals have to make :

Never did she coney personal issues – even the death of her husband, which probably made her following him was never even addressed once. When spiritual people talk about ridding their ego by either Buddhists cutting their hair, others living like hermits or others choosing poverty, then such an attitude of devoting ones life absolutely to ones duty is also an act of egolessness.

When she was young she was a beauty,
when she was old she was a cuty,
and all her life was traversed by duty.

Queen Elisabeth’s vow of duty to serve on the 21st of April on her 21st birthday

4 Replies to “A German tribute to the death of the queen”

  1. Dear Thilo,

    May Her Royal Majesty Rest In Peace!

    How lovely of you to compose this post as a tribute to her!

    I shall publish something about her soon.

    One of my latest posts is of great interest to you. It concerns being present in the moment with awareness and (engaged) mindfulness. This highly engaging and expansive post is entitled “🔄📈📉 Change Rules and Moment Matters: How to Stay in the Moment 🔖🕰️🔂“, published at


    The said post opens with this paragraph:

    A spiritual outlook with a minimalist perspective on life that is conducive to happiness is often predicated on living in the present moment through mindful awareness emancipated from the vagaries of the subconscious and the itinerants of the mind.

    I have been improving the post even more extensively, and it now has even more features, including additional music (my own compositions) and even more illustrations and animations. This post also discusses mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, religion, Nature and so on. I welcome your input since I am curious to know what you make of my said post as well as your perspectives on those matters discussed in my post. I look forward to savouring your feedback there!

    In addition, you will be pleased to be informed that I have incorporated many quotations to this post. The quotees include Buddha, Thích Nhất Hạnh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Werner Hans Erhard, Jack Kornfield and Elizabeth Thornton.

    Wishing you a mindful and suitably productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, both intellectually and spiritually!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Ah, SoundEagle, my most loyal reader – nice to read from you !
      I am curious about your article about the queen as well as the one you told me about.
      What I want to find out is how high the alcohol and tobacco consumption of the royals is
      – I assume none for the queen, normal for the male royals, and a lot for their grandparents.

      The reason why it may take a while to get to your article is because I just got an eviction notice and have to focus on finding a new place soon. You would not believe it, but I am seriously contemplating moving anywhere in the world – including your country!

      So if you know any place which has jobs which have to do with renewable energy, let me know – I am flexible, have no family ties and can translate between English and German.

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        1. WOW ! Thank you, Soundeagle for your incredible comprehensive list, into which you certainly must have put a to of effort !
          You are so caring – nearly too caring for the average member of society. Be careful not to get disappointed when the same care is not played back to you! (I know this feeling.)

          This list is great, even though they need a lot of engineers and business people with degrees.
          By now I found out that there are “power places”, like laylines, which might have been the reason for things not working out for me in Germany.
          My lay-lines seem not to be favourable in Germany, so I looked them up and found good ones in the East of Australia and along the entire New-Zealand. Look:

          I like the first map better, because the second one is a bit confusing, changing aspects on rollover.
          What do you make of such laylines ? This is all new to me.

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