Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem (Joe Frank)

After watching a video about Robin William’s final months, I wrote following comment:

As tragic as his death was (and as much as I miss his compassionate heart) there is something good I can take out of Robin William’s suicide (to give his tragedy a purpose):
I am certain most of us are wishing that we would have known him and could have told him that, despite how shitty he felt then, his life was a blessing for humankind and what matters at the end of it is how much good we did (or did fulfill any other higher purpose), because wealth, fame and health will fade away anyway.
So even if his life was breaking down, he always had a beautiful and valuable purpose helping humanity.

And as I am thinking about that message, I myself, who often have suicidal existential crises
(don’t worry I won’t kill myself – it’s just that purposelessness of our degenerated and useless “civilization-frenzy” which does overwhelm me at times),
then can think about my own message I would have loved to have given him, and can tell myself: “OK, you did not reach as many people like Robin Williams, but you also have a good heart, and despite many also hating me, there also are a bunch of people whom I did help when they were down.”

Then I remember not to judge myself too harsh about my own “failures”, because I realized: There are no “loosers” – it is only the dogma imposed upon us which makes us feel like “failures”, because we internalized the pressure of others and then compare us to their standards, we obviously can not meet, because they are unrelated to our life.

(This is btw something especially people like to do who can not meet such standards themselves – hence they project them onto us).

Compared to the fastest mammal on earth (the leopard), a sailfish, who can’t run would in our perverted world feel like a looser for not being able to meet its standard; yet, the sailfish itself can swim twice as fast as the leopard when being in its own element – the water.

We have a reason – way beyond our comprehension – what the purpose of our very own life is – mostly it is not an accomplishment but simply a lesson to be learned – and

Who are you
to let your tiny ego-driven brain cut short the huge lesson
from your unfathomable divine heart
by ending this life prematurely ?

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