I cancel my Twitter account due to Elon Musk’s uncompassionate behavior


The article above describes how Musk has a cognitive empathy issue,
and whilst I (as many) admired his intellectual ability it became clear to me that someone
* who fires half of the staff of his firm without notice,
* turning of people’s computer;
* then despite their work-contract summons them instantly to come to the office again (whilst a pandemic still is active);
* and then re-employs some of the employees he treated like dirt;
clearly got his mental focus by blending out compassion for others.

The nasty uncompassionate reactions of right-wingers shows that he – like Trump brings out the worst in people, which makes me loose faith in humankind too.

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And fyi: The reason I wrote this article is not because I wanted to tell it to wordpressers;
it is because I asked Twitter to cancel my account (for what I lost the password),
and all they replied was:

“We received your request to deactivate the account https://twitter.com/sodarshank
Please upload a legible copy of your ID (passport, national ID card, or driver’s license) so we can confirm your full name and photo before deactivating.”

This is absurd:
* To join – like any greedy institution one does not need any id;
* meanwhile Musk sells verifications without ID for $8;
* and now I have to verify myself

So I wrote them the following response:

“Thank you for your reply which you did send me twice.

I am so puzzled about this nonsensical response that I suspcet that it is not your team,
but the chaotic Elon Musk who demands from me
to verify myself to cancel an account for which you have no IDs in the first place !
I could give you literally any id in the world and you would close it!

I can not dignify such an idiotic demand
when at the same time Twitter sells verifications for “Donald Trump” and “Jesus Christ”
for which Twitter obviously never got any ID.

Feel free to forward this mail to Elon Musk for what a hypocrite he is,
and that he did build hid intellectual career by obviously blending out the vast array of compassion
which makes us humans.

I did this for you – the team of twitter,
so instead of closing it, I simply unlinked it from my WordPress account so that following tweet will be the last post seen by twitter users for a long time as a dead account:

I did admire Elon Musk until a month ago – now I lost all respect of him.
With love for your mistreated and dominated team <3″

Edit: Without having even registered my critizism on their absurd behaviour Twitter did answer me exactly the same as before which made it obvious that
due to Elon’s firing they now let scripts run the show.
I am not joking – this is how stupid their self-destructive inhumane robotics is.

8 Replies to “I cancel my Twitter account due to Elon Musk’s uncompassionate behavior”

  1. I deleted all my social media except youtube, gab and minds in late 2019 and even though I have the gab and minds accounts I haven’t been on them in years. I may return to social media in the future but for now I’m focusing on more important things.

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      1. Thank you, dear Soundeagle, it is really nice to read from you.
        I am not surprised that you do focus on your blog, because you put so many tons of efforts into it.

        I will do the same soon with a new website about a complimentary financial system,
        because I think much with our system is wrong.
        Once I am done (next year) I will contact you via mastodon on your account!

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        1. Dear Thilo,

          Perhaps it is best to contact me on my main blog, since I am unlikely to devote much time to mastodon.

          The 13th of November is World Kindness Day! Wishing you a productive November and a wonderful week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, whether intellectually, artistically, physically, spiritually or emotionally!

          By the way, I have recently published another impressive post entitled “🌤️🍂 An October to Remember: Greeting Post-Pandemic and Post-Elizabethan Age 👑🏰 with Opals, Calendulas, Poems and Songs 📿🏵️📜🎶“, available at


          Yours sincerely,

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          1. Yes, that certainly felt like a kind day – my two dearest readers commenting after one article !
            Also Jaja has the fitting nickname “kindfeelings” and he really lives up to it.

            I did bookmark your article and will read it in steps (as I am such a slow reader).

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    1. I am not surprised that you left social networks, Jaja
      You are one of the most sincere readers I have – focusing more and more on the essence of life !
      Kudos – I also left them all gradually – facebook makes it difficult, because if you check within a week whether your account is deactivated it instantly will be activated again. One really has to stay away from them.
      Now I only have a youtube account, but only to organize stuff.
      You are on a great path which will of the more the older you get !

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