The Sodarshan House

{German entrance here} | {castle photo by wulfman}

You left a chaotic city-action with all its frenzy.
Because you did pick up the basic nervosity of the zeitgeist, you decided to walk away from it all.
In the far distance you see a mystical building.
After many days you arrive there and read:

The house of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

You knock on the door and a doorwindow opens

Photo of he cloister by Chelsea Cook, my picture by Frank Ulmer
Welcome, to the sanctuary of serenity !

In the past I looked like in the picture above …

… then my life continued like in this video …

… and that’s how I look 20 years later:

Despite 28 years of doing a yoga-meditation called Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
I still am a spiritual beginner,
but I am happy to convey to you what 3HO does not mention,
and how you can avoid decades of mistakes and disappointments.

Like in shamanistic journeys where one first descends into the realm of subconscious
in order to ascend into another world …

… enter the underworld here

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