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Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK)

Whilst this course is based on one yoga kriya only, it covers all yoga-prinicples in general so that you can use those for any kind of spiritual yoga you practice – from Kriya Yoga via tantra yoga to Kundaini Yoga.

This also covers the currently big need of the thousands of people who learned Yogi Bhajan’s Sikh Yoga to transform that slowly into other realms in order to get away from him whilst being able to continue doing yoga

Ich bevor Sodarshan Chakra Kriyaall the 33 sound-tracks heard on this website
(hardcover double-CDs are not available anymore)
download 1: CD1 wavs, mp3s
download 2: CD2 wavs, mp3s
download 3: CD1: CD-covers and 50 ringtones
Sodarshan Chakra Kriya training beats (no music)

a mix of heart-beats, tribal drums and metal sounds to facilitate the transformation of the corporeal soul (Po) to the ethereal soul (Hun) into the heart,
whilst helping you count the 16 “waheguru”s.
109 separate beats gradually slowing down with an alarm after 3,11,31 and 62 minutes in 4 versions as mp3s and wavs in order to make train yourself up from an erratic breath up to a one-minute yogic breath.
Sodarshan Chakra Kriya beginner’s course / mini teacher trainingincludes all 4 downloads of the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya audios
and a question about your continuing practice afterwards.
28-year sustainable training plan
for any kind of
* spiritual practices (based on SCK as an example, but not depending on it)
* life transformations to turn around any deep rooted issue by 180°.
*how to avoid many mistakes I made,
saving yourself 16 years of setbacks,
* 3 different ways to approach SCK,
* 27 steps to get through the difficult times of stagnation, and 80 email answers
* apply those principles to weight-loss, self-healing, happiness, and to bring more beauty into your home.

after having payed here you will be mailed the according links and instructions
here are my reasons for why I charge
and here are nice testimonials

Why I charge

My explicit reasons and experiences for why I do charge.

All my audios

(Sorry, double CDs gone, but downloads still available )

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya beats

Those unique beats are a valuable tool to learn Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. They will last you for years.

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Wer sich und Anderen helfen wil kann hier Übersetzungen für nur 1€ pro Artikel erwerben, die dann hier öffentlich stehen bleiben, damit Nachfolgende auch etwas davon haben.

Diese Audio-Rhythmen um Sodarshan Chakra zu lernen gibt es sonst nirgendwo. Sie sind eine jahrelange Hilfe.

Meine Gründe dafür warum ich Geld verlange

All my audios

(Meine Fusion Doppel-CD
(leider nicht mehr erhältlich, aber downloads dafür noch)

Wenn Du diese Seite wertschätzt kannst Du hier spenden

Im Fall von Fragen oder Wünschen maile mir gerne.

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