Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: ground #0

Introduction into spirituality

The counterpart to materialism which merely acknowliges matter is the sixth sense that a spiritual aspect dos pervade everything, which is called spirituality.

Because beginners prefer to read or watch films, I did collect randomly a few easy digestible spiritual inspirations which you can indulge in for an entire year before moving on:

A random excerpt of inspiring talkers in alphabetic order are:

… and when searching for them, you instantly will get a bunch of more inspirations.
Some you will like and others of course not.

Inspiring documentaries are:
Good for the entire family:
A little bit more intellectually:

Here I did explain why 2012 just starts to manifest on 2020.
Hence the theme is currently very up to date.

Feel free to post everything which did inspire you in the comments, and if you want to go deeper, and dedicate yourself to a regular spiritual practice, move on to the next page.

Don't be shy, bring this site to life by commenting ;-)

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