The Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Course

The uniqueness of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is that it is one single kriya which does cover all aspects needed to evolve spiritually by the implementation of

  • bhakti (the devotion towards the divine regardless of ones belief or atheism),
  • ancient Yoga and Tantra methods which profoundly create a deep inner harmony,
  • based on a lineage which goes back to Maharishi Kartikeya from the 17th century:
My top portrait-photo made by Frank Ulmer

The fact that the postmen Dhiranda Brahmachari as well as Yogi Bhajan turned both out to be doubious and shall us not distract us about the value of this most spiritual of all single yoga kriyas.

By deconstructing the entire ego the veil between reality and our divine self will be lifted.
For the ones that are sincere about learning this Kriya I will compile here a course which will save you many years of potential pain and mistakes.

  • You have not to search for any more information – all my research of the last 3 decades will be included here
  • You get daily exercises with sounds to practice
    embedded straight in the pages and also to download.
  • The course is designed to deal with all difficulties it will start for the most impatient and inflexible level and address spiritual issues which only come up on the path later.
  • Additional yoga-techniques will be included to improve the quality of SCK without altering its core,
  • Also sincere warnings in what kind of dangerous pitfalls not to fall,
  • Detailed descriptions of my own path so that you can learn from my methods or mistakes
  • informations about
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine (which I have a diploma in)
    • how to calculate your own spiritual cycles kabbalistically;
  • and for you a personal recommendation of a few other spiritual paths I worked with
  • all your questions which are not addressed in the course will be answered per mail
    • such as faqs about Yogi Bhajan, 3HO and your ones of a personal nature
  • Since we are on the internet many external multimedia sources will be included which is not possible to do in a book.
  • And what actually is most important to me is me not only giving you the informations, but one of the most important parts of spiritual evolution: personality work.
    – something usually overlooked, so I will personally be there for your issues.

Because practice is all that counts, the lessons will be concise so that you don’t skip them.

If you want to pay with an exotic crypto-currency, just mail me, and I will set up an account for your desired currency.
You pay 1€ per lesson but because paypal does charge a third for small 1€ payments,
I give you a few incentives to pay a lump sum ahead:

  • For 25€ you get the first 25 lessons including all SCK-informations, all 109 beats (with and without alarms), a breathing instruction video and a spreadsheet which will keep you going for years,
  • For 50€ you get the 50 lessons including the advanced theory behind it, which also deals with lower emotional and higher spiritual issues, plus additionally my entire double-CD-ambient-jazz-fusion album – 50 ringtones.

You can pay here according to your choice.
I will respond to your paypal-mail and to speed things up you can also mail me here,
The more you let me know about yourself the better

None of your data will be given to anyone – all your mails will be erased after one month

Once I respond you can also send me a photo of all participants of the course,
because knowing whom I write this course for will cater it more to your needs.

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