why I charge

Short story:

At the bottom left you can see that there were over 2600 hits on pages. If banks would not force minimum fees on us I would have charged 1 cent per view.
So my first goal is to earn 260 €.
Thank you for so far having gotten all web-fees and 18% of that goal also having been covered by a birthday donator!

Long story:

Since I believe the system in which capitalism is set up to be the cause of greed, over the last 5 1/2 years I made an experiment to work full-time on giving something to humankind without explicitly pestering people for donations – I just did set up a tiny donation text-link on the top right corner of this site.

My agenda to write this blog was mainly to show gratitude for Sodarshan Chakra Kriya by giving something back for free to the world, and also to try whether spiritual inclined people without explicit and placative pleas for donations would give out of their free will.
So far my approach did yield rather disappointing results and not to have been very rewarding, because

  • only few do comment or like posts, most passed through doing SCK for a few months
  • none stood to walk through my longterm project with me, which at least would have motivated myself
  • only one reader within the first 5 years did donate to this blog (and one more later, after I did write my disgruntlement into the contact form
  • one Hollywood-actress did thank me for the blog and promised to donate to 3HO (which I am not associated with and which in my eyes is rich enough.
  • one asked me many questions by mail, but after a year it turned out that he never even bothered to practice it once,
  • and one (after having asked me a lot) told me straight to my face that he would neither donate anything nor need a fatherly advice. 

That gave me the impression that most people only respect perfect lifestyle gurus who share inspirational success stories, or make a stern face, demanding unconditional respect (as Yogi Bhajan did);
and in essence it shows a lack of maturity – even within the spiritual community – not to be able to look behind masks or turbans.
That is the same principle that makes the Kali-Yuga-society applaud anyone with success and a suit & tie –and disrespect those who give freely, regardless of their authenticity .

This proofed to me that capitalism still seems necessary for humankind to appreciate the value of what they are getting; hence I feel compelled to start charging adequately for my services and help.

Since I earned nothing from my 6 years of work on the blog, support and music, if you apprecciate my work you may buy any of my products or donate to me via paypal.

Thank you for your understanding

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