Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Instructions for advanced practitioners

The beginner’s course contains explanations about 24 aspects of SCK and many sound-beats to help counting the 48 belly-pumps.

Obviously if you already can practice SCK, you can skip buying this course,
but if you were out of practice for a while, whenever you do see a lecture, simply do practice in your own way.

This way you will slowly grow into a daily practice again.

My words are in italic – the rest is from Yogi Bhajan. (I did mark the significant information bold for you to fly through it as a reminder later again).

Meditation for focus and mental purification

Here is a meditation that makes use of prana to cleanse mental garbage and purify the mind. Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini yoga, this is the highest kriya. This is a very powerful meditation for prosperity. It will give you a new start. It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. It cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature. When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed form the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within.

The tragedy of life is when the subconscious releases garbage into the conscious mind. This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the subconscious mind.

POSITION: Sit with a straight spine, neck slightly bend (either with legs crossed or sitting on a chair with feet flat on the ground) Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose, or closed if you prefer.

a) Block off the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril and hold the breath.
Mentally chant ‘Wahe Guru” 16 times, while pumping the navel point 3 times with each repetition (once on ”Waa”, once on ”hey”, and once on ”Guru”) for a total of 48 pumps.
b) Unblock the right nostril and use the right index or pinkie finger to block the left nostril. Exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril. Continue, inhaling left nostril, exhaling right.

TO END: Inhale and hold 5-10 seconds. Exhale. Then stretch and shake the body for about 1 minute to circulate the energy.
TIME: Suggested length for this kriya is 31 or 62 minutes a day. The ideal is to start at 31 minutes, but you can begin with 11 minutes, then build up to 31, then 40, and eventually 62.

  • There is no time, no place, no space, and no condition attached to this meditation.

Each garbage pit has its own time to clear. If you are going to clean your own garbage, you must estimate and clean it as fast as you can, or as slow as you want. You have to decide how much time you have to dean up your garbage pit.

COMMENTS: If you can do this meditation for 62 minutes to start with, then build up to the point where you can do it 2 1/2 hours a day (1/10 of the day), it will give you the following: ”Nao nidhi, athara sidhi,” which are the nine precious virtues and 18 occult powers. In these 27 total virtues of the world lies the entire universe.

When practiced for 2 1/2 hours every day, it will make you a perfect superhuman. It purifies the subconscious and takes care of the human life. It will make you extremely intuitive. It brings together all 27 facets of life and makes a human saintly, successful, and qualified. This meditation also gives one pranic power. This kriya never fails. It can give one inner happiness, and bring one to a state of ecstasy in life.

(as taught by Yogi Bhajan on December 1990)

This basic instruction is all what I worked with since 1994 and I still follow it.

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  1. Wow you make it easy here. I did it for 90 days for 62 minutes and that was soo soo soo soo hard. Its a relief to hear that I dont have to do 1000 days for 2.30 mins. but instead can build it up and just do 120 days for 2 1/2 hours.


    1. that means 120 days for 2 and 1/2 hours at the end of completing 1000 days as I work up to it slowly. I dont even know if 120 days for 2 and 1/2 hours would yield any results like nao niddhi’s for example.


      1. For everyone to know:
        With that doubting attitude of course no persistence is possible, so as you can imagine, Vito didn’t even try to build up properly, which would have saved him the downfall into arrogance and black magic he now does practice.
        Instead, what SCK meanwhile did bring up for me by having just built up to 2.5 hours is a mystical understanding of the universe which does include that our egotistical thirst for “special powers” are exactly what Vivekanda warned for in this post:
        There was nothing wrong with using Siddhis as a motivation but his downfall was that he was not willing or understood that nao niddhi athara Siddhi is the latin equivalent of “through pain to the stars”, so one first has to destroy ones ego in order to let the universal energy flow in.
        All he got from his quest was a dangerous ego-boost for a few years which will lead to a huge crash and crisis afterwards when he likely will realise that he hurt a bunch of people on the way.


  2. Hi

    Thanks for this aricle. I’ve just started the SoDarshan practice by myself, learning it from Anne Novak’s youtube-video. Im not following any prescribed advice about when and for how long i should practice. I have a full-time job, and i do it on and off in the evenings. Up to now looks i can manage two-three nights a week. I do it to the music “Wahe guru” by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa. It helps me keep the counting. The music runs for 22 minutes, and i enjoy every minute of it. I wanna ask two questions:

    1. Is it better to do it shorter and in the morning on an everyday basis than these on and off longer ones? You certainly advocate this in your article, but i understand it comes from your experience and maybe its not the most suitable/giving the best effect for everyone.

    2. I have felt nauseous, been sick (vomitting) and feeling as if with fever since i’ve started this practise. Is it normal to have physical or emotional reactions when starting SoDarshan? Should one avoid having such reactions? It feels for me a cleansing of my system, and a sign that the meditation does it work on my system. Cleaning my subconsciousness is my underlying motive for doing it. Is it that i do a too long sitting and that these kind of reactions are better avoided?

    Grateful for your respond.

    Love, Tao


  3. Hi Tao, thanks for your comment,
    I answer your questions point by point:

    I just listened to the music you use here
    a) and here
    (If I am referring to a wrong version please let me know)
    I did experiment with many different sounds across all music styles possible (even to the sound of my washing machine) and came to the conclusion that

    • it is more important for the rhythm to fit then for the mantra to be the correct one, meaning, if there is an underlying beat I can do 16x”Wahe Guru” pumps within an acceptable breathing cycle it is better than if I use a “Wahe Guru” Mantra which has a different cycle, because then I have to prolong, or speed up my breathing to match the next cycle. In this aspect Guru Shabad’s songs match a half a minute pumping cycle plus 10 seconds breathing well.

    However, I (personally) would not use either of those 2 songs for Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for 2 reasons:

    • These versions of “Wahe Guru” include the words “Wahe Jio” which kind of dilute the message or effective sound-currents; and
    • most important for me is that all kinds of music evoke emotions which from my perspective is counterproductive to an entire de-conditioning of your soul. The reason why Yogi Bhajan approved of music was probably to give his students at least something nice along the way, and also because he, as I learned to know him, seemed not to be the creative artistic personality which probably made him cut right through the background music and focus on the kriyas. (I say this even though I was a musician for a long time.)

    Especially the 3HO Sounds tend to lean towards sounds created in the 70s around the time Yogi Bhajan taught. However even such sounds don’t guarantee one to become more peaceful, because the task is to become neutral and not to subscribe to any love-and-peace-dogmas. Tell a predator you encounter that you feel for it and you will quickly learn that love and peace is not the answer – but it was said that Buddha was capable sitting under a Cobra – I am certain he only could do this in a state of neutral acceptance for all there is.
    Enjoy the songs, but maybe play them beforehand, whilst you set up everything
    (and afterwards you can enjoy the feeling of silent bliss – the first 15 minutes after the Kriya are often magic, btw…).
    I did create some beats to keep me going through hard times and which I also use to slow down my breath over a long period – surf around this entire page and you will find more articles about different aspects of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and also the sounds which you can download for free. After contemplating for 10 years upon the background music to those beats, I finally avoided any conditioning of the mind to facilitate a plain meditation. You also will find more videos on this site.

    Talking videos: Anne Novak is lovely – however for the reasons stated above I don’t agree with her on using emotional music whilst doing this Kriya – the only time I pump to music now is if some neighbours or people outside play loud music – then I try to fit my pumps to those beats or sounds instead of fighting them. Another point I disagree with her on is that she uses a mudra in the left hand when in Sodarshan Chakra Kriya it was stated to place the hands on the knees – I do this to facilitate left-right and upper-lower-body-balance.

    1.) As for the time and length: One reason why I was drawn to SCK was that YB stated that there is no time, no space and condition attached to that Kriya, and at the time I was in my early 20s there was no way I would get up before sunrise to meditate, so I often did it in the middle of the day, just as I do on days like today when I could not meditate in the moring. In theory you can do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya whenever you like, and when I did 3,11 or 31 minutes I certainly did not care about the time. However, now that I do build up to 1 1/2 hours I realized that it is literally 10 times easier to meditate before sunrise then when the sun shines into the room. In the daytime it is as difficult for me to do 11 minutes as it is in the mystical dark morning. Today I rather wait until the evening, as you do, to do my meditation, rather than doing it in the daytime because the Yang is at its highest and I am impatient (as is the zeitgeist around).

    Where I am different to most mainstream 3HO members is that I don’t emphazise on stern practise, but on growing gently into Kriyas. Therefore I would recommend to you that is better to do it your way then not to do it at all – I certainly was very stubborn for 25 years and would have rather dropped the entire practise then to do it the perfect way. Twice a week is great, so you are doing really well! Later you can slowly tune into a daily practice … later.

    About your nausea: Basically what happens to you, and what happened to me when I was doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya extensively in the beginning, is that our centers shift because we pump the belly whilst thinking. For you it is sickeness, in my case I had to run to the toilet with diarrhoea – I know another person who had to pee.. a lot of things shift around up to the point that at one stage I heared the words “Wahe Guru” out of my belly instead of my head where I thought to think them. In a way this is nothing for you to worry about, because as your body balances itself out those symptoms will disappear.

    So now for my recommendation (and remember – I am just another meditator like you – so take what feels right for you and leave the rest) is.

    • If you meditate without any music you will get impatient much quicker and will be surprised that 3-7 minutes for example seem as long as the 22 before to you. But this is in your case beneficial, because this way you will only do the Kriya for as long as your body can take it without giving you nausea. Eventually you will find it easier and easier and can extend the time. I personally use a timer for that reason that I can let go of tracking the time and sit until the alarm goes of. Don’t interpret a shortening of the time as a regressbecause you shift from doing an exercise the “cheating” way to doing it the plain way without the aid of music, so you are improving even if you meditate less. This way you kill 2 birds with one stone.
    • Should you find out that you are only capable to meditate for a very short time in the beginning, you can use this seeming obstacle and try to squeeze those few minutes in the mornings. I mean – even if you do 3 minutes on some mornings you are doing well, because you are tuning in for the entire day.

    You will grow into it eventually – I was someone who went to bed around 5am and now after long consistent work on it I get up around that time – so if I shifted you also will shift ;-)

    Nausea by the way could be seen in chinese medicine as an imbalance between the wood element which is associated in the liver and gallbladder and the earth element which relates to stomach and spleen (related to loving and caring). So this is a result of your etheric wood soul adjusting to your center – hence medi-tation. This means that you constructively rebalance your ambitious energy (which, when unfulfilled probably gave rise to anger and frustration) to an energy of aspiration (spiritual ambition), so that you will experience profound bliss instead of stress in the long run.

    Your horizontal digestive conflict between left and right is turning into a vertical ascension process and you will make peace between your need for cuddly harmony on one hand and an assertive longing for respect and dignity on the other.
    And whilst doing that you heal the planet – congratulations !


    1. Thanks for your extensive reply! Much to ponder over. The music i use is the a – version you listened to. Its – for me – so monotonous that it doesn’t distract my focus on the belly or stir any emotions whatsoever. I would like to be able though, to do SD without music at all, so I’ll have to find some way to it.


      1. Great idea – the longterm goal is to do SCK without any music – rather do very little properly than a long meditation halfway distracted.
        And in case you don’t have the patience to do it in silence yet, simply use the beats I created:
        This way you also can train yourself to slow down your breathing cycle (I do use it whenever I feel impatient, weak or want to train my breath to be slower, but I don’t use it always).
        May the force be with you :-)


  4. Thank you so much for all the beautiful information here; it helps me a lot with the practice. It is really incredible that you explain everything in such a wonderful details. I can feel you are a very kind person.

    I hope it won’t take much of your time, as I have so many questions here :P….

    1) Is ONLY doing SCK, enough for a complete spiritual development (towards enlightenment), given that one is able to do 2.5 hours gradually? Or, Sat Kriya, Kirtan Kriya, or other Kriyas/Meditation is necessary to be added along with it? Is warm-ups needed?

    2) Do you hold your right hand during the pumps? Do we need to point up all the fingers of right hand during exhalation? What means by “placing your hand on the knee”, does it mean that during the pump, the left palms face downward and put on the knee?

    3) After the shaking, one is suggested to do BOTH one-minute breath and layout, or just one of them is enough?

    4) I felt Sat Kriya has similar power compared to SCK, and I am seriously considering which one to stick with. In your experience or other advanced yogis, how do you find the effectiveness of them different (in terms of the enlightenment goal)?

    5) Can you share some more the experience of practitioners of SCK that you have met? How does they meet the inner truth from the practice :D? When you met Yogi Bhajan during your 2.5 hour practice, does he mean that your practice is already perfect because of the 2.5 hour of SCK?

    Again, thank you so much!!!!! :D

    Sat Nam!


  5. Thanks for your kind words, Bill,

    5) Your compliment about kindness brings me right to your question about the experiences:
    The first time I managed to do 2.5 hours I did experience a tremendous bliss, and my eyes started to stare parrallel into the mirror. Later that “Kundalini-stare” went away to make place for a bit more humbleness again, because I felt I would have lived a fake acting like a Guru whilst still being a student.
    And over the years in which I did practice on and off (whilst being torn apart between worldly ambitions and spiritual aspirations) the most profound effect SCK had on me was to smash the bumerang of Karma right into my face by making me first oversensitive to being hurt by others and then realise that I am exactly the kind of asshole I did consider the perpetrators to be.
    In short – it installed a sense of oneness and I since have a feeling that all of us are just cells within one divine body – each one having another different part to play, yet we all have to work with and for each other.
    Hence the logic consequence is kindness in order to make everyone blossom and thereby all of us together thrive. So it’s really not so much goodness as a literal “common sense” (pun intended).

    About what others experienced I can’t say much, because I never met anyone as dedicated to SCK as me – the most I saw so far were a few people who did an hour – one even often twice daily, but I met none who did it longer than that – including really myself – I only managed to do 50-60 days of 2.5 hours once, but afterwards it all crashed on top of me and I only managed to do it a few days that long.
    However there was one experience I can tell you about: As I was thinking “Wahe Guru” whilst pumping the belly I once heard “Wahe Guru” out of my belly instead of my head – literally. But that only was once in that 2 1/2 hour period.

    Overall I can say that slowly SCK does change my mind – before I did it daily it was a battle from my unhealthy lifestyle against the meditation and slowly SCK takes over and wins because I do it again, and again, and again whilst everything else in my life is irregular. So what I can tell you is that persistence is the key – not how much you do it, but how many months and years you can keep up doing it regularly.

    4) Yes, others also pointed out that Sat Kriya would be the one Kriya Y.B. said to have taught alone, but in my eyes he was a great salesman who could push any Kriya onto us – yet I take him serious when he said that “of all Kriyas SCK is the highest Kriya”. That sentence at the time got me hooked – for the last 28 years, because I personally do strongly believe that SCK alone is the only key you need to understand the entire universe. I personally believe it so much that I now dedicate my entire life to do it – even though I have to work out some tremendous difficulties to be able to do it – in some ways I see many whose calm character and perfect lifestyle is much more suited to do SCK – yet – maybe because of their saturated self-satisfaction they are not inclined to dedicate themselves totally to leave the suffering of their worldly illusions called Maya. It seems to me that nearly no one is prepared to let go of it all in order to elevate their own presence as far as possible. I can relate to it, because to us it really seems that the material world is the “real” one – maybe we are all ignorant beings and a shift of consciousness is urgently asked for.

    3) As far as I understand it (and take everything I write here only as my very own opinon, because I am not associated with any organisation or have any Yoga-degree) : I usually finish my 16 “Wahe Gurus” when the meditation bell rings), then simply hold the breath for about 10 seconds, and then shake my body – I usually sit on the bed because I can not sit down 1 1/2 hours in lotus position so I sometimes put my feet on the ground in between whilst continuning. So when I shake my body I sit on the pillow and shake arms and feet. I have to admit that I neglect it a bit, because I like that bliss-feeling at the end and don’t want to shake it away, but I have to let go of my spiritual hedonism and shake more – I know.

    2) About the hand position: I did ask a Yoga teacher named why there would be no mudra (fingerposition) associated with SCK and he wrote that placing both hands on the knees would be a mudra in itself, because it gives stability of Yin & Yang. So I think that placing both hands in the knees is essential and beneficial – I always put my hand down onto the knees, and just these days I do like that my hear-chakras in the palms touch my knees. As you are chinese you probably know that the kidneys in Chinese Medicine are related to the knees – the water element. And the palms are extensions of the heart-chakra of the fire element – even if this is not from your cultural heritage, just visualise a picture of Jesus nailed to the cross – spear in his heart and hands – the heart.
    Now SCK is amazingly about balancing everything out – left body, right body – hence put both hands on the knees. Upper body lower body – hence I personally like to put my fire-palms onto the water-knees (exactly on the Chinese Spleen-meridian which then connects again with pumping the belly whilst chanting. “Wa” means water, “He”, Wind, and “Guru” Fire, so you also balance out upper, middle, and lower Jiao as the Chinese say – the 3 vertical levels of the body you can see often in the Chinese paintings where an Ox is on the bottom in the mud (lower Jiao of the body related to digestive and reproductive tract) . Then there is a path upwards (middle Jiao) on which some farmer works his way up. And on the top is often a perl which relates to the Pituitary Gland or 3rd eye. (interesting enough it is the material of the chinese tarsias is often nacre which comes from perls).

    1) In my personal opinion SCK alone will absolutely do the trick and get you enlightened, because it is a complete system, plus read in this blog my article about the 13th century version of SCK – Twice as long as SCK exists the same princimple of slowing down your breath, focussing on the belly and repeating the name of god existed in a different forms – century before Sikhism existed.
    Let us not forget that Y.B. sold us a Yoga-Sikhism-Compilation for 2 reason: First he was a dedicated Sikh and believed in it, but secondly because it was his ticket to the U.S. being a Sikh-Minister and therewith ensuring his greencard. I never saw something written about having to tune in before SCK and frankly I rather use any minute I have to do SCK than do do 2.5 hours sadhana channel-hopping from one kriya to the next – I believe if you want to dig for oil you can’t dig here for 100m and there for 200m – you have to dig on the same place for 2.5 km. I don’t even take a cold shower, because it kills my mystical mornings.
    Some rules I do obey to: I turned my lifestyle with tremendous effort and sacrifice around by 180° to now get up exactly at the same time I used to go to bed.

    Ah and one more think I just realized that I did not answer: I think Y.B. did not mean that my practise is perfect – I am certain he could see that I was a beginner, but he said “He is a simple student – he will be an incredible healer and a saint” – of course that did not apply to me as a person but to anyone who will continuously practise to do SCK for a tenth of a day.

    Join me – you always can see on the timeline on the right side what my minimum time at the moment is, and yes – it is my strong believe if anyone can accomplish even 120 days of 2.5 hours the benefits will be tremendous – imagine someone who could do it for 1000 days? I think by then enlightenment is kind of guaranteed – I can not imagine you not coming out a total different person.

    And about the inner truth: Now comes a point in which answers from others become less relevant to me than the own truths which come up over time. The vietnamese monk I studied Chinese Medicine with said that western psychotherapy brings up negative stuff whilst meditation brings up the entire coin with both sides and I can relate to that because I see own unpleasant sides but also gain understanding and love for myself. As one of the 10 Sikh-Gurus said about the state of bliss: “And mud is like gold – and gold is like mud”. I get there gradually because say – I see women and also see their person behind it whether they are pretty or not. An then people appear to me as the Chinese say: “same-same” ;-)
    Or questions like the believe in god simply become less and less relevant because my view on god is not as black and white anymore – no external authority but the universe with all its atoms. It does not matter also whether one believes in reincarnation or DNA-inheritance from ancestors – ancestors could be seen as people standing on your shoulder and reincarnation as the shadows they all cast.

    Very slowly I learn that nothing is so important and there lies the difficulty even with extreme relaxation still to keep up the daily spiritual practise. Somehow I feel that I think more and more laterally.

    I hope that this made sense to you – and whatever you do

    • it can never hurt to do SCK or add a few minutes of it to other practises daily.


  6. Dear sitting bull,

    Thank you so much again for your very in depth sharing. It gives many details even including the Chinese medical theory. I really appreciate your very deep passion in one Kriya. I will try out more and then think of how my Sadhana shall go afterwards. Thank you again… :)



  7. Sitting Bull:

    Your insight and experiences shared with SDCK are amazing. I personally studied with Ravi Singh (last year) and one of our assignments was to complete 62min/40 days. I can tell you this: I completed training in October of 2014 and have yet to complete this requirement – for so many reasons. One is just a sheer timing issue. I’m a parent of 2 very active boys and commute 160 miles a day for work. From a purely emotional standpoint (ego based, of course), I had a lot of fears with growth and expansion. One of which was if I grow and expand, I’ll leave my family behind and be all alone. Crazy, right? What I’ve come to discover (and this becomes clearer to me as I do my SDCK daily) is that my growth will elevate my family. Part of my spiritual path is to be in a healthy, loving union with my husband and to have a close-knit family. The only thing that gets in the way of that is ME and my monkey-mind, Self-sabotaging thoughts/beliefs/habituations. Currently, I’ve started a 40 sadhana of SDCK (the time I dedicate varies on the day due to my schedule restraints, but I do it EVERY day) and the interesting thing is, I can feel all the fear-based unsavory energy come up, and then dissipate. I am aware when it comes up, and when it does, I’m not reactive, I just let it flow without judgement. I think the SDCK really allows me to have the neutrality/detachment when it does come up. It’s kind of like, “Oh Hey, it’s you again, Ms. Fear-Of-Losing-Her-Family, and you’re floating away now – bye.” I don’t feel like I’m going crazy anymore – in fact, I feel very anchored. I have the relief of knowing that the feelings are fleeting. Thank God. !!!! I know eventually I will get to 62min/40 days – that is my ultimate goal. Some days, I actually can do it that long; typically on the week-ends when I have more time. I don’t beat myself up about how long I do it, as long as I do something. I believe when the time is right, and through continued dedication to this kriya, the circumstance will shift so that I do have the time to dedicate to the full 62/40. I can tell you though, the effects of what I’m doing thus far are incredible and I’m really starting to love the kriya that I actively resisted for so long. Thanks again for sharing your experience. I love hearing how this kriya affects those who practice it. P.S. I cannot do it to music. I find that music is horribly distracting and keeps me from being able to delve deep into the bliss of my own inner silence. But…to each their own, right? Sat nam!


  8. Dear JaiDeva,

    thank you very much for your compliment – your appreciation (just like the one from your predecessor Bill) is very valuable to me, because you give me a sense of purpose – especially at the time when my main focus in life evolves mainly around SCK.
    Before I go into very subjective details I want to emphasize that those are merely my very personal opinions and be only taken as such, especially because I don’t even know you.

    • – –

    You having completed your training in October last year puts us in a similar spot, because i kind of completed my preparations for that 3 year project of SCK just a month before you – the only difference is that it didn’t take me years like you, but decades to get there.

    • – –

    Your timing issue is obviously very understandable – I am even impressed how you manage the balancing act between caring for 2 kids and travelling to work such a distance. This indicates that you a very determined and also very down-to-earth person.

    Talking down to earth: The feeling of leaving your family behind is absolutely justified because you sense that there is a potential split between the worldly and spiritual path. How large that could be depends on the Karma of your beloved ones, or on the state of your evolution in which you entered your relationship. If, for example, you already were very much set on your inner destiny, then you likely chose a husband which resonates with you on that path – on the other hand, if you had a path of first accomplishing worldly tasks (like securing a financial base for your family) and fulfilling biological needs to bring new life in this world, then it could be (and I emphasize on a possibility only) that your priorities shifted now, which could turn out as a shift of consciousness your family might need to getting used to. Nothing is bad about either paths – I merely shed light on both possibilities.

    Since part of your spiritual path is according to you to be in a healthy, loving union with your husband,
    it doesn’t really matter which direction all of you came from, but how you can merge the desires of your soul with your worldly ones which undoubtedly are beneficial to your entire surrounding.
    One way of looking at it is that there are 2 kinds of willpower as a Rosicrucian once told me:
    One is your outer willpower, which usually manifests as worldly ambitions and dogmas of the intellect like securing the well-being of your family;
    the other one is the desire of your soul to reunite with divine unity – those are spiritual ambitions also called aspirations.

    Both longings are equally justified and they both should in my opinion valued equally, because the worldly view is usually the manifestations of where your Karma brought you (usually in the past), whilst the spiritual ones are an insight into your (future) visions. Whenever I see people forcing one way or the other I sense a lack of holistic attendance – usually when priorities are made.
    The common denominator these days is to set priorities for worldly ambitions, but both are of equal importance, because uncleared subconscious junk can destroy everything which was accomplished within a short time. On the other hand, a spiritual fulfillment which lacks a worldly foundation can crumble due to most basic issues.

    • – –

    You recognizing that you are your own obstacle shows that you already took the biggest hurdle of the ego and are evolved enough to acknowledge your faults as well as your responsibilities; so congratulations – without having gotten a reward, you already crossed one of the most unpleasant barriers of taking on full responsibility for your life – the rest will flow – even if at times with obstacles, then it still flow like water throughout any possible obstacles.
    But whom am I talking to – for all I know you probably could be much further down the path of meditation than me ;-)

    • – –

    If you are on 40 days already you already have set your foot in the door and once you completed them this door will never snap back in front of you. As you said – you have all freedom to adjust the time to whatever you can manage (as long as you do a minimum of 3 minutes daily). It took me 2 weeks to even manage to do SCK, so Ravi Singh seems to have prepared you well.

    • – –

    And you are absolutely right about unpleasant parts of you coming up because SCK does balance you out entirely; meaning it will strengthen so far neglected parts until they are in harmony.
    The bonus you will get out of it is that you are developing a maturity which can handle all the strengths which also will come with it. In other words, you will have the responsibility to handle great power in the long run.

    A Vietnamese buddhist monk once told me that the difference between western psychotherapy and meditation seems to him that therapy often brings up negative issues whilst meditation usually brings up both sides of the coin – the unpleasant together with the self-loving acceptance. It seems to me that you already understand the value of non-judgement, not only towards others, but towards yourself. This is a bliss, because, yes, SCK does bring more neutrality in our lives.

    • – –

    About the 62 minutes – from my experience I can tell you: Take your time, because it took me 20 years to be able to do only 90 days for 3 minutes daily, another year to do 120 days, and a year thereafter to do 120 days o 11, 21, 31 minutes and I am struggling now to do 120 days of 62 minutes since 1 1/2 years (which is the reason why I do kill 2 birds with one stone by combining it with the 1000-day-plan).
    I did manage to meditate more – even 2 1/2 hours for 50 days or so, but never for 120 days.
    The way I managed to get to a daily pace was by slowing me down and completing all steps one after the other until I succeed. It seems we are on the same goal, and funny that you mention Ravi Singh, because he told me (as I quoted in another article on this blog) that he did it for about 16 years for 62 minutes. Yet I never met anyone who seems to have managed to do 2 2 1/2 hours for at least 120 days – not to mention 1000 days.

    • – –

    About the music: I absolutely do understand and salute you for not mixing up emotional tainted vibrations with the search for your true inner self – in fact I even withdrew from my career being a musician and sacrificed every skill I so far gained, in order to let go of emotional conditionings.
    The sounds I offer here on this blog, do for that reason only facilitate the rythm of SCK belly pumps without any further input. I only use them to gradually slow down my breath but I am well aware that in the end SCK works best if done in total silence.

    • – –

    And finally one more aspect to shed light on your first (and probably at the moment post pressing) issue of being torn apart between your worldly family life and your spiritual aspirations:
    I recently had an image in mind that worldly evolution usually goes horizontally: Species spread in numbers (especially when they are threatened, which is why lemons are bread by withholding water so that they develop many fruits – and then watering them again).
    On planet earth that means we multiply and care for each other to fulfill natures desires.
    Another aspect is, if you see earth as once cell in the body of the divine, sometimes it can be necessary to also facilitate a growth of synapses towards other cells, (dimensions or planets). This is what seems to us to be a vertical evolution – upwards (which in fact is merely outwards from planet earth). So spiritual growth seems to improve the quality of a larger context of life.

    So if you look at both facets as poles of longing in your soul:
    The need to take on loving responsibility to your self-created environment,
    and the inner urge to evolve;
    They both do have their justified places and can best be merged if you balance them out by paying tribute to each of them when your soul tells you what is needed most.

    Knowing that there is no contradiction between both paths but that those both are merely two legs everyone here has to walk on,
    may help you to relax into the fact that you only can carry one baby across the river at the time
    a lesson most lion mothers cannot mange
    (who then usually let both babies drown, for lack of ability to set arbitrary priorities).

    So even if it at times seems that you loose one ground when you gain the other,
    all is good.
    Or as J.W. Goethe puts it in his lifework “Faust”:
    “Who ever strives with all his might, that (hu)man we can redeem.”


  9. Sat nam,

    This blog is a great read and insight for me. I committed to doing 1,000 day practice of sodarshan chakra kriya on 1st January this year, 11 mins a day, so far so good.
    I’ve been in mental pain so long three years of clearing doesn’t phase me.
    I have found that lots of shadow comes up, but rather than staying stuck in it I’m more able to reach out and ask for help or find ways to release it, like anger release visualisations.
    Your blog has confirmed for me to trust the process and keep up.

    Thank you…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you, Sewa, for your heartwarming comment which I can fully relate to.
    In my view and experience prolonged mental pain could indicate a drastic turn around from your last life to this one, because U-turns (if done in great speed) can cause a car to skid or even smash into are guard rail.

    Therefore two things would be beneficial for you:
    1.) to slow down your speed of change; and
    2.) to dissolve the axis of your dualistic issues.

    I explain in detail below:

    1.) I can relate very much to your dilemma, because my emotional pain made me want to get out of my situation as fast as possible. But the harder I tried, the stronger I failed. My change only started to happen when I realised, that I already would be capable of doing 62 minutes daily, if I would have meditated just one second more daily from the first day on.

    It was then, that I came up with a slow “catch-up-plan” (which still was faster than the 1-second-plan), by doing 120 days off 3 minutes first and then doing a further 120 days for each level.

    Because of my life meanwhile further went downhill, I failed twice, so I needed three attempts, meaning entire year to succeed in doing just 3 minutes daily for 120 days. (This was, because my lifestyle was diametrically opposed to Kundalini Yoga).

    I then continued to go for 120 days off 11 minutes, and, yet again, I failed twice with in the 90-day-mark, so this took me another year. My hope always was that is SCK would correct my lifestyle from within. And it seems, that this is happening right now.

    This procedure continued until I reached the 62 minutes later, and after 1 1/2 years, I realised that this may take longer. So I did “kill two birds with one stone”, by starting 1000 day commitment, like you did.
    You can see my exact progress on the timeline on the right side of this blog in real-time up to now.

    To sum it up: if you drove your car into the sand, the only way out is very slow in order not to wheel spin yourself even deeper into the sand.

    2.) Same applies if you turn your life around by 180°: if done too fast, your vehicle may overturn, so you have to change your direction slowly.
    Another very profound aspect of true change is, as a Hindu explained to me:

    In one life someone was a criminal, so in this life s/he becomes a police officer.
    However, in next life one may become a criminal again, because the axis off ethical thinking, or in other words: the dualistic mindset of one’s synapses still stands.
    Hence your evolutionary task of this life seems to be much larger than the task of most of others.
    This is why you may feel “not understood”, even by a accredited therapists (who, due to their prioritisation of success in society often lost their sense for the demanding pressures of the soul).

    Your task lies well beyond “wellness-yoga”, because you (as someone who already is committed to spirituality) will not find your serenity by improving the quality of your life just to ensure worldly success (such as health or wealth), which is, why you could succeed in walking the Sodarchan-Path with me until that Kriya reveals “the Tao” to you – the source behind yin and yang.

    Coincidentally you already are on level 4 of my timeline, and considering that my levels 8 and 9 were arbitrary, you just would need 4 more levels to build up to the magic 2 1/2 hours I am just about to start :-)

    Should you doubt your capability to do so, be aware, that, by committing to 120 days already, you did prove, that are at a beautiful turning point in life right now, in which your previous suffering will serve you as the repeated reminder of your real priorities in life:
    The tremendous amount of energy which was invested in the emotional turmoil and,
    If channelled into the one purpose of your enlightenment,
    can propel you into unforeseen spiritual heights if you simply continue step by step.

    There are plateaus on the way, which make it seem of you are not progressing at times, but when I see the insights I am gaining right now in comparison to 3 years ago, I can assure you, that the wisdom you will gain will by far outweigh the pain whilst doing the Kriya.
    Congratulations to your inchoate shift of consciousness !


    1. Thank you Sitting Bull (strange name?) for your generous, wise reflections.

      It is definitely so that I feel misunderstood by most people, and yes have been in mental pain most of my life. There is a lot to clear! And yogi bhajan does say to do this kriya slowly, the slower the better.
      A teacher of mine – Siri Sadhana Kaur in London is doing this also but at 31 mins a day. I will be happy to work my way to that point, but don’t wish to go further. I think that at significant milestones – 1 year, 2 years I could celebrate by doing 62 mins, after I’ve reached 31, and if I choose to do so.

      I do think I am working through past karmas this lifetime, mine and my ancestors.

      Thank you for your wonderful, reassuring comments…. it’s encouraging :)


      1. Ha ha my name is inspired by the native American Indian called “Sitting Bull”.
        because I am sitting in meditation, and I’m a Taurus (having birthday in 5 days)
        – hence I start the 2 1/2 hour level on the new moon before).

        Good idea of you, to first focus on the 11 to 31 minutes and then see how it goes.

        You now could carry on in either of two different kinds of speeds:
        The slow one of six minutes more every year (1sec more daily),
        meaning that you stick to the 11 minutes until the end of next year,
        and continue with 22 minutes in 2019.

        Or, you could choose the faster path, meaning that you could increase your time by a minute from now on so that after completing your 120 days of 11 minutes (by the end of this month) you would start to do 120 days of 22 minutes from may to august.

        Both paths are still safe and sound;
        The disadvantage of the fast one being that it’s twice as much work (& pain),
        but the advantage is that you could change faster,
        and the results may motivate you to continue your 1000 day dedication.

        May the force be with you!
        (and feel free to keep in touch)


      2. Once more I would like to get back to you, because I just researched he next new moon in 2 days and as it turns out it seems to be a really auspicious one which is beneficial for the fulfillment of your dreams, ambitions or aspirations (whatever they are). Good luck with that!


        1. I’ll have a look into that, thank you Sitting Bull.

          Thanks for your advice, I’ll be back when inspired to share :)

          Have a great birthday!


          1. Congratulations to your first 120 days of 11 minutes !
            This is a big accomplishment, because you are the first person I know who straight away pulled of 120 days without failure !
            (I myself got stuck well below the emotional 90 day blood-cycle and it took me literally 15 years to accomplish 120 days [of only 3 minutes] the first time around.)

            Also you are the first one who has the patience to start slow. And since I think you are doing incredible well I wanted to let you know that you actually still have one kind of “joker”:

            Whenever things get really tough (emotionally or due to life-demands),
            there are still the 120 days of only 3 minutes you can “squeeze in” (or “collect”) at any time. This is better than dropping your practice alltogether.

            Keep up your good work !


            1. Hi,

              Thank you! It does feel like a good and significant milestone! Now I’m stepping/leaping off towards 1,000 days! I have done lots of multi-day practices already as part of my commitment as a kundalini yoga teacher, kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, so this helps/has helped prepare. This is my first 1,000-day practice.

              Towards and around 90 days was tough, I wonder what will happen next! I am finding now that I am a lot more responsive and flexible in my relationship with myself, and my mind.

              Thank you for your encouragement, and the same to you :)

              Sewa Sukh


              1. Hi Sewa,
                in case you pulled it through I congratulate you to your second 120 days, and if things are difficult I have a few tricks up my sleeve how to keep going or regain (lost) momentum.
                I know that there are plateaus and the most important is not to expect certain results because life is larger than us and our evolution doesn’t follow the straight line our intellect did set up for us. That doesn’t mean that we are not evolving.


                  1. Hi Sewa,

                    I did not forget you all this time and am writing to you now because I recently did get a good advice from Ravi Singh how to place SCK in a context which amplifies it.

                    After deliberating over it I found out that the recommended Sat Kriya is very good to clear all kinds of the pain you told me about ( see this page at the bottom: )

                    I also did realise that SCK did not clean up my garbage as I wanted by dissolving it, but brought it up (which also cleans it up, but in a painful way), so Sat Kriya should help to alleviate those side-effects.

                    Still SCK remains the main focus for me, so I would really recommend to you to continue doing it), and afterwards you could do a bit of Kirtan Kriya.

                    It is in detail described in my comment just below this one on this very page.

                    You being a yoga teacher yourself might do those anyway – I just wanted to pass on the most efficient way to get through the soul-cleansing.

                    Keep it up !


                    1. Hi Sitting bull,

                      Yes I’m still going? I’ll be halfway through my 1,000-day this month! Things have shifted and are a lot easier. I have also left my office job and have moved out of London – so lots of change so far in 2018.
                      I started 11 mins of Long ek ong kars two weeks ago as a 40-day practice and have found that the SCK meditation is easier now! So it’s interesting what you found out from Ravi Singh.
                      Thanks for your message,

                      Sewa Sukh


                  2. Hey Sewa, I don’t know if you subscribe to this blog, so I want to draw your attention that we are starting a global SCK-connection today which you could join here:

                    And in case you still go at your own great pace which I admire, then I want to give you a tipp: You kept up so long now (even if you had a few breaks), that you are now firmly set on what I call “the slow path” which does guarantee success, because it can not fail you anymore.
                    The slow path for me is to do on average 1 second more of SCK per day which simply means 1 minute more every 2 months or 6 minutes per year.
                    And since you are in your second year all you would have to do is to increase your meditation time by a minute on November and then you are on the waggon, ready to increase it in January by another minute, in march to 14 minutes, etc….

                    This means that you still will be doing your 1000 days, but when you are done you are at 18 minutes already and it is not far to reach the 22 minute milestone anymore. You could go on and run it as a background project and in 2.5 decades you managed to do 1000 days 2.5 hours which means that you will have cleaned out your entire Karma (or at least so much that you are unrecognizable from now and in a state of wisdom and bliss).
                    You probably could be the first to accomplish this and of course this doesn’t mean that you won’t be allowed to drop it in adverse times or when you are travelling – all that counts is that you do it overall pretty consistently.


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