You don’t have to be positive only because everyone says so

Society really seems to have split nowadays into the grumpy politically disgruntled people and the love&peace-brigade which pushes compassion onto us, because it attracts beauty into our lifes. I don't find myself in both extremes, because I am critical of much, but instead of only complaining still think about constructive solutions. So I am currently …

How to use the coronavirus-quarantaine constructively

There were 20 cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the city I live in. After the weekend there were 53; so overnight I became a frontrunner for voluntary semi-self-quarantaine. I would like to share with you that this is not just a reason for worry and fear, but that there is a tremendous opportunity in this situation …

Keys to understanding the universe #5: surrender to the wisdom of the universe

What is the difference between the dedication towards the highest, the absolute, and the divine?

  • the Highest = to be "your best you can be", such as practiced in
    • Karma yoga which include high ethics
      (not to be misunderstood with political correctness)
  • the Divine = focus on a higher force ( which is the realm of religions)
    I do distinguish it from the religious god in my two posts:
  • the Absolute = a cosmic state pervading everything (as used in Buddhism for example)

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