Turn loneliss into a bliss !

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 17

Because those videos are more targeted towards already dedicated practitioners, for more worldly inclined people I want to add that you can also just take a bit of his advice and take one day off for yourself weekly,
or if you are in a relationship, use one hour daily all for yourself.
(Not for distraction, but more for contemplation upon a personal issue until you got a grip on it.)
It works wonders how much you know when you stay with a lingering issue for a while.

General observations:

You might not understand why living seclusive is so important, but as someone who is currently full-time dedicated to a spiritual progress, my experiences do confirm what he says because a huge amount of dilemmas occur if someone shifts:

First one has all kinds of assumptions about life which then will lead one to (re)act in certain ways; and those reactions in turn will trigger new dilemmas which then start to build triangulations between different kinds of assumptions.

Due to experiences, education or the zeitgeist you may for example have a concept about genders and relate to one more than the other, and you also may have a political agenda, and maybe a religious one or many more on top – all results of your childhood-experiences in combination with your inherited energy.

Then you encounter a person from a gender you like, but political opinion you don’t like and there is the first dilemma.
You then react and a third person joins who shares your religious agenda, but not your political one but is of your preferred gender.
Then you start to play all sorts of twisted roles in order to react in a way which does suit all your contrary agendas.

Over that struggle in the end you totally loose focus over who you really are and have all your hands full playing a bunch of roles or withdrawing into a passivity which can’t be attacked, but that also is another role. So however you twist and turn it, as soon as someone does confront you in any way you are forced into a role – and be it only the one not to be passive aggressive by not responding.

To make it more complicated, people who know you (like friends, family or even like-minded ones) already made up their opinion about you and may impose huge burdens upon you for demanding changes which might be contrary to your own insights and current course of (non-)action.

Hence best is to withdraw for a while until the tree of your life found or built its stem and knows where to stand. By then your concerns will less and less be the ideas of others and you just are.

Personal experiences:

Now that I do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for a tenth of each day, I literally can feel my gestalt (or aura) changing,
and such subtle shifts are easily trampled upon by disharmonious experiences. I realised three things going on:

  1. I felt offended and hurt, which did linger for a long time in my system,
  2. then I learned to express myself eloquently in order to push back adequately,
  3. but right now I am learning that I did perpetrate the mutual blame-game by at times having behaved too dogmatic myself.

So I am in a very fragile state of not wanting to be intruded by others, whilst trying not to interfere with others’ philosophies and lifestyles.
This means that I am deprived of the common ‘weapons’ of deflection and dismissal of others in order to defend myself.

Hence, after having tried for all my life to play it the way that everyone would be satisfied (in vain),
two days ago I told my family that I need a benevolent pause from contact with them for the next three years in order to avoid confrontations.
It took many of those in the past decades, for all of us to finally lovingly bless that solution.

And to still be able to fulfil my extrovert need to communicate I write this blog and only stay in contact with those whom I want to tune up my spirituality with – which right now are you, my dear readers.