How to see beyond the illusion called Maya

We have heard that the world is an illusion - a concept called Maya in spirituality, and we hear about shifting dimensions. Such pictures initially invoke comparisons to the mystical world of Shangri-La or parallel worlds as displayed in Science Fictions. I would, however demystify that terminology by telling you that this is much less …

From being an altar-boy via an (a)gnostic approach to the non-religious divine

spiritual inspirational sunday #11 For 2 years I tried to write down my spiritual biography and realised that it doesn't work in a blog for several reasons: The experiences are very individual, so hardly anyone will bother to bring a lot of patience reading themMaybe if I was a very successful person people would be interested, …

Keys to understanding the universe #5: surrender to the wisdom of the universe

What is the difference between the dedication towards the highest, the absolute, and the divine?

  • the Highest = to be "your best you can be", such as practiced in
    • Karma yoga which include high ethics
      (not to be misunderstood with political correctness)
  • the Divine = focus on a higher force ( which is the realm of religions)
    I do distinguish it from the religious god in my two posts:
  • the Absolute = a cosmic state pervading everything (as used in Buddhism for example)

Yogananda on the love for the divine

Happy 🌞day, my dear readers, wherever you are! You might be puzzled that on one hand I do post spiritual insprationos, whilst on the other hand I am slagging of orthodox religions. This is because it took me decades to see the difference between the divine and an orthodox personalised creator--god, so today I would …

OMG (Om, I, God) – the better half

The god-experiment part 2 In part 1 I told you about the horizontal intellectual axis betweenAtheist / Agnostic <-------------------- vs -----------------> orthodox Believer To explore the vertical intuitive Axis (which I will explain at the end),I seriously dedicated myself to the nebulous 'divine' (for 4 months now and ongoing) as described by an Iranian mystic …

OMG (Om, I, God)

The god-experiment From birth on we are conditioned into belief systems and believe to know "the ultimate truth", assuming that all generations beforehand were fools. Yet the fact is that believes did change throughout history, so much even, that they did turn around not only by 180°, but that even multiple times. Most humans do get …

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