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Why are all articles password protected?

For 6 years I compiled all my findings about SCK and shared them free with the world, asking discretely for donations, but hardly anyone donated ,
and the entanglement with doubters did weaken my own resolve.

Why do you deprive others from valuable information?

I don’t, because the essence of the Kriya is summed up in one page here.
The entire rest of the blog are my findings of a tedious 6-years research into the background of SCK, but those were never in the instructions and you can work with that page alone as I did for over 26 years now.

Why should I do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya instead of any other meditation?

Because in my eyes SCK works faster than other methods and we don’t have the time to go as slow as our ancestors could, for following reasons:

  1. The consequences of our own Karma start to overwhelm us
  2. In form of environmental disasters and
  3. the coronavirus, which constrticts us, like a chinese finger trap

This constriction did lead to a wokeness, which either can lead to a the most absurd conspiracy theories and therewith a spiritual descendence, or it can be a catalyst for a spiritual ascension.

This is the reason why especially in these times solid instructions like the one on this site are crucial.

What kind of informations can I expect in your site?

Read this: I summed it up here

(That article originally was intended to become a course),
but then I realised that all informations are explained in the blog already,
so, after you unlocked the passwords, follow the instructions on the page above.

How shall I use this information?

If you are clever you read the posts in chronological order
(from the most bottom article to the most top ones)

  • to see my own spiritual progress within those years, but more so,
  • to only read one article per day as inspiration whilst you do a 120-day Sodarshan Chakra Kriya challenge.

Can I just ask you a simple question?

As you will see on the bottom of the articles, throughout the past 6 years I did literally answer each question as well as each mail in the most elaborate way.
I feel that I now fulfilled my moral obligation to carry others through the process and expect from them to first engage actively in all informations given by reading the blog.

By the time you read all articles you are unlikely to still have any questions about SCK anymore, but if you still do, email-forms are included in the blog and I will answer to each of your mails elaborately to cater to your personal needs.

How much will it cost me?

As you can see here my previous price was 123€,
but some mailed me, telling me that they were hit economically by the corona-crisis, so I decided to lower the price to 53€, which will make it about 50 cents for each article (with many multimedia-links & 1-4 pages long.)
This is as little as 3 yoga-classes, but it will last you a lifetime – including my mail-support.

My initial concept actually was to charge you 100€ alone as an affirmation, to ‘sprinkle’ each of the 10.000 days of your future practice with 1 ‘good-luck-cent’ each.
So if you are well of, you may let your payment continue as a recurring subscription.
When you do so you can claim
* in the first reocurrenc 2 Sodarshan beat CDs, and the German course (for you to peek into German and see how different that one is structured),
* and in the second recurrence of your payment you will get a double CD full of self-composed and performed music.

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