The Basics: (the descriptions link to pages which embed the videos)
Yogi Bhajan on the meaning of “Wa”, “He” & “Guru” (second half is audio only)

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Here is a good video from (external link). She puts her hand in the Gyan Mudra position,
but the instructions I was given was to put both hands on the knees (when not needed to hold the nostril).

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She counts by her left thumb touching her left index finger. I did the same for the first 4 pumps, plus…
…the right thumb meanwhile touched the left index, middle, ring and little finger: makes 4 pumps;
then left thumb to left middle finger & right thumb to index, middle, ring & pinky again: 8 pumps alltogether;
then thumb to left ring finger & right thumb to all 4 fingers again: 9-12 pumps;
finally: left thumb to left little finger & right thumb to all 4 right digits. This makes 16 counts.
Now I put both hands on the knees & count in my mind.

This is how Yogi Bhajan did count until he internalized the 16x – later your hands should rest on the knees.

One possible way for beginners on how to build up Sodarchan Chakra Kriya

She teaches to hold the index-finger onto the thumb but in my instructions I learned to place the hands on the knees.


Often overlooked: The importance of the (rather easy) neck lock posture Jalandhar Bandh !

The root lock is not mentioned specifically in the introduction about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, but it could be helpful, because provides a base to contain the energy so that the Kundalini energy can travel up the spine

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