Who was Yogi Bhajan ?

If you are a follower of Yogi Bhajan I would ask you to read the following paragraph first in order to understand the benevolence of this series of articles :

Whenever you want to learn anything or create a documentary about someone you read, surf the web, or ask someone, in order to learn the honest and complete information.

The same applies when searching for the truth  (if there is such a thing as that).
So no one would blame a search engine or a dictionary for showing us both sides of a coin.

If you learn about any subject in depth you inevitable will come along dark sides – most of which will usually only be admitted decades or centuries later. Examples for such inconvenient truths are:

  • The catholic churches which-burning, exploitation of the poor, or pedophilia,
  • Einstein’s bad treatment of his wife / Gandhi’s neglect for his drug-abusing son,
  • That a few people control world-politics by the means of arbitrary designed capitalism (which is not a conspiracy but the mere logic of money which can buy anything)

Such is the endeavour of this site: To collect each possible aspect about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and therewith also its inventor, discoverer, or compiler Yogi Bhajan and you will find here 5 more critical aspects of his life in order to counteract any potentially distorting glorification of him as a perfect person. Yet, my tremendous dedication to an aspect of his teachings should be proof of my belief in is teachings and respect for it.

If we dedicate ourself to a meditation in order to see things untainted and as they are, we can’t bury our head in the sand and also not to dismiss anyone who doesn’t agree with us as an ignorant fool.
Yet, most people in my experience instantly stop the conversation and replying whenever they encounter disagreements, which in my view is a sign of narrow-mindedness  or denial – both of which aspects are contradictory to the inherited open-mindedness of spirituality. But what would our environmental or equality awareness today be, was it not for the dedication of a minority to bring awareness to the majority?

And since I am touching here on the tender subject of religion and belief-systems and am bound to treat on the toes of strong believers, I am seeking out the discussion and inviting anyone who disagrees with those critical articles to add their two cents and post comments below each article, or link to other versions about his life.

What I want to avoid as much as possible is any emotional resistance against people owning other versions of reality, so that anyone who comes across this site can be certain not to get sold a rosy version of the at times painful path of spiritual evolution.

May peaceful open-mindedness be with you.

Edit: As a comment to this section someone mailed to me:
I am currently doing an Adya class and the focus seems to be to not get hung up in any one viewpoint. (Dualistic, non dualistic; God, no god; I am everything, I am nothing and so on). Seems quite synergistic with your looking at all sides of 3ho.

In each organisation the spirit of its leader is reflected:Just as the pedantic, uncompromising, and thorough energy of Steve Jobs created Apple, so the rebellious, audacious and at times dominant spirit of Yogi Bhajan’s is reflected in his prolific yoga teachings and the spirit of 3HO. As most outstanding people, he also was extreme which does give rise to a potential to stray outside the norm.

Here is a series of uncensored reblogs and articles, which shed light onto him as he really was:

  1. Kundalini Yoga is NOT what Yogi Bhajan made it out to be
  2. How Yogi Bhajan twisted tantra yoga into sikhism
  3. How Yogi Bhajan changed history
  4. Harbhajan Singh Khalsa’s dark side
  5. Siri Singh Sahib’s biggest mistake
  6. My week with Yogi Bhajan
  7. Thoughts on 3HO
  8. The selfishness of some turban teachers

Edit: Whilst I did invite about 20 members of 3HO to join the global meditation project here, only one (very friendly one) replied, who, when he later read this series about YB, claimed that I would have bought into inaccurate and historically not-factual anti-Sikh and anti-Yogi Bhajan myths and propaganda. 

So my response to this person (and for any reader who disagrees with this series)
was  and is (uncensored, just as I did write it spontaneously):

You are more than welcome to write a counterstatement to be published in the blog

Dear …
This truly is a friendly and benevolent response and I hope that you at least read it.
Since you are offended, I am more than happy to point out before each of those articles that those are mere opinions from others which I did collect and add yours to brighten up an allround-picture about him.
It saddens me whenever there are ideologies or religions involved it usually boils down to an all-or-nothing game in which one either has to take the full package and be with it or be against it – just as in politics where either left or right agendas are combined with other totally unrelated issues.
Our conversation so far was interesting and respectful and it would have been much more interesting for example to talk about my series called keys to understanding the universe which does elaborate on global spiritual principles of east and west.
Yet, in my experience the fights started very quickly to happen as soon as I did not subscribe to people’s Guru.
The white Brotherhood from Bulgaria wanted to impose on me that Peter Dunov was an incarnation of Jesus which I declined,
some orthodox Christians push the Bible as the sole source of the truth onto me,
others were convinced that Rudolf Steiner was the compressed light,
one never replied to me because I was not interested in Berta Dudde’s visions about Christ,
My point against Yogi Bhajan was to point out that he was a human like anyone, just with much more charisma – something we both did agree on before.
I also did respect you and your opinions and was (and still am) grateful for your generous sharing of your wisdoms.
So why throw everything overboard only because to me he was too authoritative?
One woman actually kept up her Kriya-practice she just was about to stop, because she had so many doubts about YB but I told her not to throw out the wisdom of his teachings with the bathwater of his possible imperfections.
In all those articles I personally never said that he was a bad guy – I simply did not censor anything I came along and quoted other people’s sources uncensored. The first 2 articles are not even from me for example.
The fact is that he changed my life and I am totally dedicated towards his teaching – I think even more than anyone from 3HO, because I have never seen any having done 1000 days of SCK. Plus I always do credit him. So this should be seen as a huge compliment.
Now I understand why no one from 3HO bothered to reply anymore, because it seems to me that they all hate me for not purely displaiying only the positive sides of him.
Yet – even when I gave that slanderer Gurusanth some space to out himself I merely said that he is one who was overrun by YB’s strong energy, but I did not say that everything he sais is right.
Well, I guess now it makes sense that no one from 3HO apart you bothered to reply, and I will be hated from 3HO from now on, but the fact that you may not be able to show me one single person who is more dedicated to SCK than me could make you think whether I am all bad or simply allowing even unpleasant aspects to be seen.
As I said in the subject: you (and any 3HO member whom you want to forward this too) are more than welcome to write your version of it
and tell me exactly which part were lied about;
and I definitely will publish it unabriged as the first article in the YB-series,
since I do strongly believe in uncensored versions, because aversions against any kind of facts seem counterproductive to open-mindedness.
with love and best intentions

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